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    What is the best way to lose weight?

    It is a frustrating and often confusing conundrum for many of us caught up in fast-paced, modern lifestyles: what is the best way to lose weight?

    We want to shed the extra pounds that too much work and not enough time can lead to.

    But we don’t always have the money or energy to spend on complicated meal plans.

    While there are almost as many weight loss “solutions” as there are humans, Boombod is a weight loss shot designed to work alongside exercise and a calorie restricted diet. .

    Boombod has been getting rave reviews as a hunger suppressant, which works as an aid to lose weight.

    As well as for its properties which avoid the kind of bloating you can get with other weight loss products.

    Weight loss drinks help to suppress hunger pangs

    Losing weight ought to be fairly simple: it’s just about eating less, right? Wrong! If only it was that easy.

    One of the hardest parts about weight loss diets is managing those pangs of hunger. And once they set in, it can be almost impossible to think about anything other than where your next meal is coming from.

    Then, because we feel so hungry, we run the risk of overeating or snacking on whatever is most convenient (often junk food from a vending machine or the nearest fast food outlet).

    Weight loss drinks – including weight loss shots and weight loss sachets – aim to minimize this risk by acting as a hunger suppressant.

    However, unlike other weight loss options, Boombod 7-Day Achiever and Boombod 7-Day Achiever for Men both fill you up with nutrients and natural fibre rather than laxatives or caffeine. Meaning you’re less tempted to go on to snack on something unhealthy.

    Low calorie weight loss shots

    What’s more, each Boombod shot is just 10 calories, so you don’t need to worry about Boombod’s effect on your calorie count for the day.

    Glucomannan: a natural weight loss aid

    Boombod weight loss shots rely on the natural fibre known as glucomannan to promote weight loss.

    Glucomannan has been recognised by the European Food Standards Authority, to help those wanting to lose weight feel fuller for longer.

    And when this fibre is combined with Boombod’s own particular recipe of vitamins and minerals, then using the product as instructed can lead to desired weight loss.  

    Boombod is a convenient, on-the-go solution, which importantly includes nutrients which are vital for long-term health, such as vitamin C, iron and zinc (among many others).

    How does Glucomannan aid natural weight loss?

    The European Food Standards Authority’s recommendations are that in order to achieve weight loss, 1g of glucomannan should be taken before meals, with fluid, three times per day.

    By following this advice, you should feel sufficiently full – which can then help you minimize the portion sizes of any calorific main meals.

    And this is exactly what Boombod 7-Day Achiever and Boombod 7-Day Achiever for Men provides: three shots a day, to be taken 30 minutes before meals, with 1g of glucomannan as well as those vitamins and minerals.

    These small sachets, which have a slightly different composition of vitamins and minerals to promote optimum morning, noon and night-time energy levels, each come with that all-important 1g of glucomannan.

    Bloating and bloating relief

    Is there anything more uncomfortable than bloating?

    Trapped gas has always been one of the least fun aspects of weight loss drinks. That’s because products containing caffeine and laxatives can send your intestines into overdrive.

    Luckily, Boombod 7-Day Achiever and Boombod 7-Day Achiever for Men don’t have this effect.  

    There is no caffeine or laxatives involved at all, just the tasty shots of glucomannan, which form a gel in your stomach to make you feel fuller for longer.

    Once the natural fibre passes through to the gut, you will then expel it as normal, without the bloating problems that are commonly associated with other weight loss drinks.

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