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    A truly international endeavour, Captain Kombucha drinks are produced on the stormy west coast of Portugal by Peter and Matus, entrepreneurial Czechoslovakian friends who discovered kombucha while visiting the US.

    Delivering deliciously authentic and 100% organic kombucha tea drinks to the UK, boundary-blurring Captain Kombucha beverages are made to the original, authentic Chinese kombucha recipe.

    Brewed using green tea fermented with a kombucha SCOBY and organic cane sugar, every Captain Kombucha drink – with flavours ranging from pineapple to pomegranate, watermelon and the perennially popular lemon and ginger kombucha - is completely natural, nothing added.

    Pure and deliciously refreshing, each bottle of Captain Kombucha is produced with the brand’s own original recipe ‘symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’ (that is the SCOBY kombucha producers love to talk about).

    Certified BIO (a European organic standard) and suitable for those following a vegan diet, these non-alcoholic kombucha drinks are fermented until lightly sparkling, sharp and sweet. The perfect formula to brighten up your day.


    Kombucha is an increasingly popular fermented drink made from a base of tea, sugar and SCOBY – a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts.


    Brewed on the west coast of Portugal, Captain Kombucha is a range of traditional, natural kombucha drinks.


    Made to the original Chinese recipe, they come with a hint of inspiration from the US and the company’s owners Czechoslovakian families.


    With a range of flavours (as well as a natural kombucha that embraces its sweet-sour tang) and bottle sizes, Captain Kombucha is the ideal brand for those with a taste for the UK’s most fashionable ferment.

    Made naturally, using a traditional SCOBY full of friendly bacteria and with no added concentrates, preservatives and additives, Captain Kombucha is a ‘real’ kombucha product with no chemical nasties.


    Not only that but they have pioneered a sugar-free, no calorie version too!


    Unlike many carbonated drinks, kombucha is low in caffeine, low in sugar and contains around 30 kcals per 240ml.


    This makes most kombucha products a sensible swap for your current fizzy drink, provided they are consumed in moderation.

    Short of making it in your own garage, kombucha does not get much authentic than Captain Kombucha.


    This naturally fermented drink is made using a traditional home-grown SCOBY, made to an age-old Chinese recipe, with absolutely no new-fangled chemicals added to artificially enhance flavours or create bright, exciting colours.


    Making kombucha is as simple as blending tea leaves with a blend of yeasts and bacteria, water and sugar. And that is what the team at Captain Kombucha excel at, all under the watchful eye of their team nutritionist.


    Flavoured versions of the captain’s blend are created using 100% natural flavourings.


    The unique flavour of natural kombucha is unlike most things you may have tried before, and Captain Kombucha is no different.


    Slightly tart with a hint of sweetness, kombucha is lightly sparkling, thanks to the fermentation process.


    The team at Captain Kombucha knows that the tang of the ferment is not for everyone and that is why they have created a comprehensive range of flavoured kombuchas to suit every palette.


    So whether you are a sucker for lemon and ginger, prefer the fruity sweetness of pineapple and peach or simply cannot do without the tropical taste of coconut, there is a kombucha out there especially for you.

    Due to the presence of friendly, beneficial bacteria and a (very, very low) alcohol content, kombucha drinks may not be suitable for everyone, with those who are pregnant or breastfeeding and people with conditions resulting in low immunity advised to steer clear.


    However, for everyone else, kombucha is considered to be safe to drink on a daily basis, with Captain Kombucha recommending 250 – 350ml per day.


    This maximum takes into account the sugar, caffeine and calorie content of your average kombucha – anybody who is sensitive to caffeine or watching their weight is advised to sip with caution.


    While kombucha drinks are naturally free from animal products and therefore vegetarian suitable, vegans are advised to be careful when selecting a flavoured fermented beverage.


    This is mainly due to the fact that honey, or even sugars containing bone char, can sometimes be used to sweeten up an otherwise sharp, sour kombucha.


    However, Captain Kombucha drinks are all vegan.


    Boldly bearing the European Vegetarian Union’s vegan label, all Captain Kombucha drinks are completely free from animal by products, making them appropriate for even the strictest of vegans.


    They are also produced using wholly organic and entirely natural ingredients from start to finish.


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