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    Who are Active Edge?

    Active edge produce range of evidence-backed, plant-based health products.

    How are Active Edge products made?

    Firstly, the finest plant-based ingredients are collected and then carefully made into Cherry Active products. The manufacturing process avoids excessive heat, artificial preservatives and other chemicals to keep optimum nutrient levels and deliver the best taste possible.

    What different fruits are used in Cherry Active products?

    Cherries! Who’d have thought it… All Cherry active products are made with 100% natural Montmorency cherries.

    Enjoy the goodness of Cherry Active as a drink with Cherry Active Concentrate. Its tantalisingly tart taste comes from the thousands of cherries contained in each concentrate (each 946ml bottle contains around 3,000 Montmorency cherries!). They contain absolutely no sweeteners, artificial flavourings, preservatives or added sugar.

    Prefer to get your nutrients in a supplement? Try Cherry Active Capsules. Totally natural, these capsules are made by freeze-drying Montmorency cherry skins and milling them into a fine powder – ensuring that they can be easily absorbed, and all the powerful phytonutrients are protected. The powdered cherries are then encapsulated into a vegetarian shell.

    Beets! Out of your salad and into your morning drink, enjoy beetroot in a different yet delicious new way with Beet Active products.

    The very best beets just got concentrated into something powerful in the Beet Active Concentrate Drink. This 100% natural beetroot juice is sweet enough already, so there’s absolutely no need for added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives. Each 30ml serving of Beet Active drink contains the juice of approximately 4 whole beetroots – much more beet for your buck!

    Blueberries! Each 30ml serving containing approximately 185 blueberries, so unless you’re getting through 2 supermarket punnets on the daily, it’s pretty hard to beat! It also contains no added sugars, preservatives or sweeteners.

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