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    Doisy & Dam chocolate: Ethical, vegan and delicious

    These days, there’s an ever-increasing focus on what we can do as individuals to reduce our impact and footprint on the planet – and rightly so.

    But we all need a little motivation sometimes and for many of us, the best motivator is a sweet treat.

    So when we found out about Doisy and Dam, an ethical chocolate brand that refuses to compromise on social conscience or taste, we jumped at the chance to stock them.

    Doisy and Dam’s fabulous range of sweet treats are mostly non-dairy dark chocolate, so they make excellent vegan chocolate gifts or just a wonderful snack to reward yourself.

    Ethical chocolate that puts people and planet first

    Even when we try to do the right thing, sometimes it can be tricky to find out the origin of our food.

    Products might be local – which we’re told is a good thing due to carbon pollution from air transportation – but still unethical. Nightmare.

    But at Doisy and Dam it’s simple. The chocolate all comes from one specially chosen supplier in Colombia and the rest of the magic happens in a factory in Kent.

    It’s transparent and accountable, as evidenced by Doisy and Dam’s B-Corp Certification, which means that the company’s social and environmental performance is thoroughly vetted.

    Doisy and Dam have even visited their South American cocoa supplier, Luker Chocolate, and testify to their partner’s positive work in terms of training local farmers and not-for-profit research facilities.

    Chocolate with as few ingredients as possible

    Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the back of your favourite chocolate bar?

    If so, the sheer number of ingredients might have confused you.

    Not so with Doisy and Dam. On their website, they say that they avoid putting anything in their chocolate that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise: “no additives. No E-numbers. No weird stuff”.

    For example, their Hazelnut Butter Cups and Almond Butter Cups each contain just six ingredients!

    What’s more, Doisy and Dam aim to keep their sugar content as low as possible, without sacrificing flavour: what’s not to love?

    Doisy and Dam: The best vegan chocolate?

    While the vegan chocolate market is growing, products for those seeking dairy free chocolate can still feel limited.

    However, Doisy and Dam’s selection is wonderfully diverse, especially for any vegans out there who miss their favourite childhood treats.

    For example, if you have been missing out on Easter treats and are desperate for some vegan chocolate eggs, try Doisy & Dam Good Eggs.

    Or, there are various nostalgic treats like crunchy chocolate balls, known as Doisy and Dam Ballers, which come in a sharing packet or personal size, as well as chocolate buttons in large or small. The larger packets make perfect vegan chocolate gifts, or simply the perfect cinema or picnic snack.

    Vegan chocolate brands: do your research

    Doisy and Dam have set a high standard among vegan chocolate brands.

    As veganism is underpinned by ethical ideologies, it makes sense to know a bit about the companies you buy from and their claims.

    That’s why the transparency that small British companies like Doisy and Dam can provide is so helpful.

    Thanks to their dedication to taste, ethical sourcing of high-quality ingredients and playful (and delicious) products, Doisy and Dam must rank up there among the best vegan chocolate brands.

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