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    It took around two monhts for me to notice any difference but the shedding stopped and my roots feel thicker. My nails are a lot stronger too. You do have to be patient and take them daily.

    Hairburst Chewables

    The shampoo and conditioner are both excellent!! Has drastically helped my hair, previous to using the products I had no volume in my hair, it was pretty flat… since using the products, my hair is feeling full of life!!

    Hairburst Shampoo & Conditioner

    Post partum hair loss has definitely not been as much as my previous 2 children. I am about to re-purchase my order now and stock up. Looking forward to continuing to use it and see the results.

    Hairburst For New Mums


    Hairburst hair vitamins help to promote a healthy hair growth cycle, from start to finish. The hair cycle can be affected by multiple factors, like heat styling, a poor diet, genetics, hair dye and bleach, and aging. When the hair cycle is interrupted by any or a number of these factors, it can lead to hair loss, hair shedding, hair damage, and thin, dry, and brittle hair that struggles to grow.


    Taking Hairburst Vitamins for Hair and using other Hairburst products can give your body all the ingredients it needs to achieve beautiful and healthy hair from the inside out. Each product is formulated with carefully selected ingredients  including:

    - Biotin

    - Zinc

    - Copper

    - MSM

    - Collagen

    - Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins

    - Amino Acids

    - Panthenol

    - Red Clover Extract & Peptides


    Hairburst conducted a consumer research study of Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins with 103 female panellists who took Healthy Hair Vitamins every day for 3 months. The results were impressive, with 100% saying them would use it again.

    Hairburst targets hair loss and hair growth concerns from the inside out and root-to -tip, with its award-winning range of products. A vitamin range scientifically formulated for daily hair support from within, and a vegan friendly cosmetic range of cleansing, styling and scalp care products that combine nautural ingredients with powerful actives to deliver results.

    At Hairburst we understand that hair loss and scalp concerns can really affect your confidence, self-esteem and mood. With research showing that hair loss in women can actually also seriously affect their marriage and career. Hair loss comes in many forms, and can be extremely distressing. The key is to get to the bottom of what could be causing this and using a holistic approach. While supporting healthy hair maintenance with good quality hair products.

    If you are experiencing a sudden type of hair loss it is important to consider any changes in your diet, your lifestyle, your hair products (including bleaching and colouring hair), your hair routine and if you have experienced any trauma or illness recently. This is why Hairburst was created, a professional brand that formulates products at safe and accredited facilities, using drug free formulas that support your hair wellness and provide happier hair and confidence in yourself!

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