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    Pukka want to create a healthier, happier world using the incredible power of natural herbs. They have cultivated a thoughtful range of herbal teas, powerful natural lattes and natural capsules full of plant power that will leave you feeling inspired to discover more about yourself and the beautiful planet we live on.

    Who are Pukka?

    Pukka strive each and every day to help create a Pukka planet that benefits people, plants and the planet.

    Pukka’s story began back in 2002 in Sebastian’s kitchen and Tim’s spare bedroom (the founders). From these very humble beginnings grew Pukka as we know it now: a provider of organic herbal teas and wellness supplements for over 49 countries spanning over Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North, South and Central America.

    They work hard every day to capture the amazing power of nature and harness it in their award-winning herbal teas and natural supplements. A perfect world for them is one where plants play a central role in everybody’s health and wellbeing, in the most ethical and sustainable way they can.

    What is Pukka’s inspiration?

    Ayurveda was the main inspiration for Pukka. It’s simply translated as ‘knowledge of life’ (Ayur = life and Veda = knowledge in Sanskrit). This ancient Indian holistic philosophy teaches people how to balance their mind, body and spirit in order to live a wholesome, healthy and more fulfilled life.

    How do Pukka make their tea?

    First, Pukka carefully scour Mother Earth for the highest-quality organic herbs that are rich in natural oils.

    They work closely with thousands of herb farmers from over 20 countries who both respect and understand nature, plants, and the soil they use. Inspired by their hard work and enthusiasm, Pukka make it a high priority to create long-lasting relationships that benefit both the farmers and their company.

    Then, they dry the herbs and analyse them in the Pukka lab to make sure they meet the rigorous standards set. After this, master herbsmith Sebastian Pole steps in to blend the herbs using the wisdom of Ayurveda – India’s ancient health system.

    This process ensures every Pukka tea is extremely high quality and each blend’s associated health benefits are top priority.

    What tea does Pukka sell?

    Pukka sell over 40 varieties of herbal tea infusions, each with their own health benefits:

    • Pukka Licorice and Peppermint Tea: a delicious tea made of zingy peppermint and FairWild liquorice
    • Pukka Turmeric Tea: bring a golden flow to your day with this blend of organic turmeric, whole leaf green tea and lemon fruit
    • Pukka Chai Tea: a royal flush of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger that will invigorate your senses with its spicy yet sweet taste and aroma
    • Pukka Ginger Tea: an invigorating infusion of ginger, galangal, and golden turmeric
    • Pukka Matcha Green Tea: an infusion of pure emerald matcha powder blended with Chinses Sencha, Indian Oothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang.

    What else does Pukka sell?

    Not just a herbal tea company, Pukka sell other products to improve your health and general wellbeing, including:

    • Organic turmeric gold latte: Pukka’s Organic Latte – Turmeric Gold: an indulgent blend of golden turmeric, cardamom and saffron ready to light up your day. This caffeine-free latte is the perfect aromatic pick-me-up
    • Castor oil: Pukka’s Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil can be used as a massage oil, to nourish dry skin
    • Clean greens powder: Pukka’s Clean Greens Powder is an award-winning blend of 11 plant ingredients brimming with nourishing polyphenols, protein and other nutrients. Pop it in any juice, smoothie or plain old glass of water to enjoy its benefits

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