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I have been taking these for a month now. I'd reaf the reviews and while I was hoping for results, I got better results than I thought I would! My anxiety is better managed but the bonus was the pain in my knees. I;ve had one op and two gammy knees that have always given a lot of pain. I've had one op and two gammy knees that have always given a lot of pain. 4 weeks in on these and I'm actually able to do my long walks again. They niggle at times but nothing like before. Will deffo keep taking!

Reakiro CBD Gel 25mg

I've tried a variety of CBD gummies over the years, of varying mg levels, flavours, brands and none have come close to these. The CBD flavour isn't too overwhelming and the lemon/apple flavours are great. The product itself is super effective, and really helps to calm me down which is why I use CBD. The actual texture of the gummies is something I'm impressed woith too - not too chewy and so nice. Incredible product, would recommend to anyone who is comfortable with CBD and looking for a good daily gummy.

Reakiro CBD 25mg Apple & Lemon Flavour

I've tried numerous brands and strengths of CBD oil and this is is the best. It's15% and I can really feel the difference in my sleeping, mood and pain from osteoarthritis. I'm very happy that I didn't give up on firnding the right CBD product as this is the 3rd brand and first that works for me. Recommend it to all that haven't seen improvment using the 5%

Reakiro 1500mg Oil

Who are Reakiro?

Changing the world, naturally.

In the language of Esperanto, Reakiro means recovery. Our goal is to improve the lives of our consumers around the world, naturally. We focus on quality, safety, innovation and reliability to produce the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products.  All of our products are produced in our own GMP / HAACP / GHP certified premises to ensure our customers can buy with confidence.

From Seed To Shelf

Our award winning CBD products are designed to offer customers the best range of premium CBD products. We focus on quality, consistency and traceability throughout our seed to shelf manufacturing process. That means that even before we plant the seed in the ground, we are highly involved in the process.  We grow all of our own hemp in strict conditions to get the best crops and the very best CBD for our customers. From sourcing the seeds, product design, formulation and packaging, every single batch is controlled and tested by our own in-house PhD chemists and again by Eurofins, Europe’s leading CBD testing specialists. And to give customers total confidence in our quality, we publish the lab reports for every batch of our CBD gummies, oils and capsules on our website.

Our Full Spectrum CBD

We use the very best of nature to make our premium quality, full spectrum CBD products. We believe that this is the ‘gold standard’ of CBD. All of the natural compounds such as as flaviniods, terpenes and cannabinoids which are found in the hemp plant are also found in our full spectrum CBD ; these work in conjunction with each other to deliver the beneficial ‘entourage effect’. This means that customers can buy with confidence that they are getting the full benefit of high quality CBD with every product

Our products

CBD Gummies

For those customers that don’t always enjoy the natural CBD taste, our delicious Apple & Lemon flavour CBD gummies are packed with natural CBD extract and are both tasty and convenient as you don’t need any water. Made with our high quality full spectrum CBD extract, our CBD gummies come in two strengths- 10mg and 25mg – so whether you prefer a lower strength gummy or higher strength, there is a CBD gummy for you

  • Reakiro Apple & Lemon flavour CBD Gummies 10mg, 30 pieces
  • Reakiro Apple & Lemon flavour CBD gummies 25mg, 30 pieces

How to take Reakiro CBD gummies:

  • Perfect for any time of day, just simply take one delicious CBD gummy and chew.

CBD Oils

Our original product, CBD oil is extremely versatile and small enough to carry with you.

Our CBD Oils remain popular and come in 3 strengths; 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg – all developed with our fully traceable, premium high quality, full spectrum CBD extract. Our CBD oil products are vegan friendly and perfect to add into your daily routine.

  • Reakiro CBD Oil 500mg 10ml
  • Reakiro CBD Oil 1000mg 10ml
  • Reakiro CBD Oil 1500mg 10ml

How to take Reakiro CBD oil:

  • Taking CBD sublingually will allow it to enter the bloodstream most quickly. To do this, place 3-6 drops under your tongue, allow it to absorb for up to 90 seconds and then swallow what remains.
  • Some customers also like to add CBD to their food and have it as part of a meal and there is some evidence that adding your CBD with fatty foods like olive oil or fatty fish may help improve bioavailability and absorption. 
  • If you are new to CBD, we recommend gradually building up gradually to find out the perfect dosage for you.

CBD Capsules

Our CBD gel capsules are made with Reakiro’s premium quality CBD extract and are the perfect choice if you don’t enjoy the taste of natural CBD. We have an innovative range of 3 gel capsules, which are tasteless and easy to swallow - again in 3 strengths – 10mg, 25mg or our highest strength 50mg per capsule. Easy to take form, our capsules offer an easy and consistent dose as part of your daily CBD routine

  • Reakiro CBD Gel Caps 15mg, 30 capsules
  • Reakiro CBD Gel Caps 25mg, 30 capsules
  • Reakiro CBD Gel Caps 50mg, 30 capsules

How to take Reakiro CBD Capsules :

  • Our tasteless capsules are easy to swallow and digest.  Simply take with water.
  • We recommend gradually building up the amount of CBD you take to establish the perfect dosage for you.

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