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    Sweet Freedom Syrup: an easy, versatile sugar alternative

    You may know there’s sugar in so much of what we eat, from products you would expect, such as chocolate, to those you might not, for example, bread and so-called healthy cereals.

    We are surrounded by messages telling us that we need to reduce the amount of sugar in our diets, but when sugar is so ubiquitous, it can be hard to go cold turkey and cut it out altogether.

    That’s where sugar alternatives, such as Sweet Freedom syrup, can really help.

    Fruit syrup and chocolate syrup

    Two of the Sweet Freedom’s most popular products are Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup and Sweet Freedom Choc Shot chocolate syrup.

    Both have a multitude of properties to recommend them.

    The natural sweetness comes from sugar found in fruits, especially apples, carob and grapes.

    They are also free from palm oil, GMOs and allergens.

    And since they are dairy-free, they are also suitable for vegans and anyone with lactose intolerance.

    How to reduce sugar in your diet

    It can feel daunting to change habits of a lifetime, so here are some tips on the best ways to substitute sugar for fruit syrup or chocolate syrup:

    Fruit syrup: For all your sweetening needs

    When you think about the abundance of breakfast options out there, it seems that for many of us our sweet tooth kicks in the second we get out of bed.

    Whether it is sugar in baked beans, muesli, porridge, jam, pastries or hot drinks, breakfast definitely tends towards the sweet end of the spectrum.

    Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup is therefore a perfect porridge syrup, pancake syrup, coffee syrup – you name it.

    As you can use it as a sugar alternative in baking, you can even use it in pancake batters, as well as on top, like maple or agave syrups.

    Simply use 25% less syrup than you would sugar. So if a recipe calls for 100g sugar, add 75g of Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup.

    The brand has great recipes on its website, including other breakfast favourites such as muffins, French toast and granola, as well as snacks and desserts like muffins, brownies, cakes, macaroons and more.

    Chocolate syrup: For when nothing but chocolate will do

    Desserts and sweet treats for breakfast are great, but there are moments in life when nothing but chocolate will do.

    It is the downfall of many a determined dieter! Yet many people struggle to find chocolate they can eat, as so many traditional chocolates are made with allergens and dairy.

    But Sweet Freedom Choc Shot syrup is different and might just be the answer you are looking for. Not only does it have all the same benefits as Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup – free from GMOs, palm oil, dairy, and allergens –Choc Shot contains under 5g fat per 100g and around half the calories of traditional chocolate bars.

    Like the fruit syrup, you can also use it as a porridge syrup, pancake syrup or coffee syrup, but it is also the perfect hot chocolate syrup – simply add to the milk or milk alternative of your choice.

    And it can replace not only the chocolate but also the sugar in recipes for brownies, cookies, granola, cake, muffins, ice lollies and more.

    Those who love Sweet Freedom’s chocolate syrup swear by stirring it into porridge, drizzling it onto waffles, toast or fruit, or adding it into smoothies, freakshakes, coffee and even cocktails!

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