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    Just one more way to enjoy the goodness of fruit

    Fruit that doesn’t go mouldy in your fridge within a week? Yes please! Dried fruit not only gives your favourite fruits a longer use-by date, it gives them a completely new texture and taste. Enjoy dried mangosdried apricotsdried figs and so much more from Holland & Barrett’s dried fruits range.

    Reaching for the dehydrated fruits when you’ve got the munchies is a much more nutritious choice than cracking open the biscuit tin. Dried fruit is good for you because it retains almost all the nutrient contents of fresh fruit, just in a condensed size.

    What are the benefits of dried cranberries?

    All the tangy, sweet goodness of cranberries, just in a smaller package. They contain only 0.5g of fat, making them a perfect snack.

    What are the benefits of dried plums?

    Dried prunes are simply plums minus the moisture. Although they may be famous for making you go to the loo, prunes are so much more than a bathroom aid.

    What are the benefits of dried banana chips?

    Dehydrated banana chips are a super sweet natural treat – but rather than eat them straight out of the bag, you should mix them with nuts and other healthy snacks. It’s all about eating in moderation when it comes to dried banana.

    What are the benefits of dates and raisins?

    Dehydrated dates and raisins are a healthy, high-fibre snack, and an excellent way to sweeten trail mixes and other treats.

    Dates make a fantastic base for energy balls and bars. For a tasty and nutritious snack, combine with a nut or seed of your choice, coconut shreds, sea salt and vanilla extract.

    What are the benefits of goji berries?

    Goji berries have been eaten and used in China for over 6000 years and contain collagen-building vitamin C.

    What are the benefits of dried pineapple?

    Dehydrated pineapple is unique in the dried fruit world. As well as containing fibre, it also contains the enzyme bromelain.

    It tastes delicious on its own as a snack or mixed into natural yogurt.

    What other dried fruits are out there?

    Holland & Barrett stock a lot of these dehydrated delights, including:

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