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    Taking the world by storm, this popular and healthy alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks, kombucha has been linked to a whole host of great health benefits.

    From supporting gut health and aiding digestion to boosting essential vitamins and minerals, it's no wonder kombucha is the drink of choice for many people.

    What is kombucha?

    Kombucha is a naturally fizzy, fermented tea drink with a slightly sour - but always delicious - flavour. Kombucha benefits from being packed full of healthy bacteria as a fermented drink, which means the benefits of kombucha are vast!

    It is traditionally made using green or black tea leaves and a base known as a kombucha SCOBY. The kombucha SCOBY is a gelatinous material that floats on the surface of the kombucha as it ferments and gives the kombucha its trademark bubbles and slight sourness. Its shape and consistency have led to some nicknaming it a "kombucha mushroom", the "kombucha mother", or even likening it to seaweed.

    The fermentation process of making kombucha is surprisingly simple and can result in delicious non-alcoholic kombucha, or 'hard' kombucha, which has a more significant alcoholic content. To learn more about brewing your own alcoholic kombucha for some delicious kombucha cocktails, check out our guide to hard kombucha.

    Available in various flavours, from mango and raspberry to ginger and lemon, there is bound to be a flavour for everyone. You can even add flavours to your own kombucha. For example, try our raspberry lemonade, lemon ginger or goji kombucha recipes.

    Kombucha drinks at Holland & Barrett

    Mouth-watering and organic, the handcrafted GUTsy Captain Kombucha is packed to the brim with irresistible flavour and nutritional benefits. This delicious kombucha drink is made using high-quality, certified organic ingredients and is available in various flavours, including Original, California Raspberry and Ginger & Lemon. So, get on board with a bottle of organic kombucha and start reaping its endless benefits today.

    For a tangy, tropical flavour drink, the Remedy Kombucha in Mango Passion is for you. Fruity and fresh with an all-natural flavour, this fizzy kombucha tea cuts out unwanted sugars for an irresistible, healthier treat. Brewed for 30 days, this kombucha is handcrafted, vegan and unpasteurised, creating a tasty, refreshing beverage. You can even stock up on this firm favourite with a Remedy Kombucha Multipack.

    So, what are you waiting for? Shop our vast range of delicious kombucha today!


    Kombucha is a naturally fizzy drink, made using either green or black tea leaves, sugar and a ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts’, more commonly known in the kombucha world as a SCOBY!


    Usually fermented for one to two weeks, kombucha sits for just long enough to create gentle bubbles, a slightly sharp, tangy flavour and an extremely low alcohol content, meaning that it can be safely classified as a soft drink.


    Low in both calories and sugar, and containing a sprinkling of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, zinc and magnesium, kombucha is a popular alternative to diet carbonated drinks.

    Kombucha is most commonly sold as a canned or bottled soft drink.


    However kombucha ‘shots’ – convenient on-the-go one-gulp drinks containing concentrated amounts of kombucha – are also available.


    With a wide array of flavours on Holland and Barrett shelves, every taste is catered for when it comes to kombucha.


    From the always popular lemon and ginger kombucha drinks produced by almost every kombucha brand, to the sweet flavour of Remedy’s Cherry and Plum or Captain Kombucha’s refreshingly summery Watermelon and Mint.


    Sugar-free kombucha drinks are also available - the sugar used in the fermentation process is actually consumed by live bacteria before bottling!


    Inherently free from animal products, kombucha is simply made using tea, water, sugars plus that famous SCOBY; the bacteria and yeasts that aid the fermentation process.


    However, although kombucha products will normally be suitable for vegetarians, those who follow a stricter vegan diet are advised to check for clear ‘vegan’ labelling before they dive in.


    This is because some manufacturers may use flavourings unsuitable for the vegan diet.


    Honey, in particular, is a popularly used natural sweetener found in some flavoured kombuchas.


    Additionally, certain cane sugars can be non-vegan, using bone char to whiten the grains.


    Natural, unflavoured kombucha has an extremely distinctive, complex flavour.


    Sharp and tangy, with a gently sparkling fizz, this fermented drink is loved by many, while some may find it a touch too sour.


    However, if your tastes tend towards the sweet toothed, enjoying kombucha is not totally out of the question for you.


    With an ever-expanding range of flavours available, from fiery ginger to sweet berry, crisp apple and smooth, tropical mango, there is almost certainly a kombucha to suit your preferences.


    Many of these flavoured kombuchas contain a natural sweetener – usually sugar or honey – to balance the trademark kombucha tang.

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