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    Whether you want the perfect biscuit to dunk in your morning brew or something to indulge in during your favourite film, tuck into a delicious vegan biscuit or cookie!

    Following a vegan diet doesn't mean missing out on tasty, sweet treats. Still, we understand it can be hard to find vegan alternatives to your favourite snacks that don't compromise on flavour or texture.

    Here at Holland & Barrett, we offer a delicious range of vegan biscuits and cookies, guaranteed to leave your snack cravings well and truly satisfied.

    Are all biscuits vegan?

    Traditionally, some biscuits are not vegan because they typically contain butter, a dairy product.

    Vegans avoid all food which comes from animals or is produced by animals (such as honey). So vegan biscuits must use plant-based alternatives as their ingredients.

    Luckily, there are so many dairy-free alternatives out there, so you don't need to miss out.

    What is the difference between a biscuit and a cookie?

    Americans use the word cookie for what we know as biscuits. But here in the UK, the two are quite distinct.

    Cookies are made using a softer, thicker dough therefore, they usually become chunkier, softer, and larger than biscuits. In addition, biscuits are more likely to have a definitive snap and crunch, whereas cookies may fold before they break apart.

    Cookies are also more likely to include extra ingredients and flavours, like chocolate chips, whilst biscuits tend to be plain or sometimes flavoured with spices like ginger.

    What vegan biscuits and cookies are available?

    There is no shortage in the variety of vegan biscuits that are available. 

    We have something for everyone, from melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cookies to zingy lemon biscuits and chocolatey wafer bars. You just may struggle to pick your favourite!

    Choose vegan biscuits for the perfect snack

    For the ultimate indulgent vegan snack, try the Love Raw Vegan Cre&m Filled Wafer Bars. A crunchy wafer filled with a layer of smooth hazelnut and cocoa vegan cream, topped with a coating of Love Raw's rich vegan chocolate, creates a delicious chocolate treat. This vegan chocolate wafer bar doesn't skimp on flavour even with no artificial ingredients, no palm oil, and no dairy. 

    Nairn's vegan oat biscuits have 40 to 55% less sugar than the average biscuit. They are made of whole grain oats, full of nutrition and delicious natural flavours. They are also high in fibre and can keep you feeling full. Choose from Coconut & ChiaMixed Berries and Oat & Fruit flavours.

    The best vegan cookies

    Plenty of vegan cookies are also available if you are a cookie monster.

    The Beginnings Coconut Ginger Cookies are made from 100% natural ingredients, free from additives, GMOs, trans fat, palm oil, eggs, and gluten. A mouth-watering combination of sweet coconut, spicy ginger, and the gentle flavours of cashew nuts, dates, and vanilla makes this the perfect cookie for those sweet cravings. But, if coconut and ginger do not float your boat, you could try these cookies in a delicious almond flavour.

    Sometimes only chocolate will do, and for those times, we have the Angelic Double Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies Box. They sound naughty, but this guilt-free snack comes at less than 70 calories per cookie. Made using rich cocoa and dairy-free chocolate chips, these vegan chocolate cookies contain at least 30% less fat when compared to other gluten-free cookies. So, all that is left to do is to enjoy them!

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