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    Are you looking for delicious vegan desserts or vegan sweets to eat on the go? Look no further than our vegan chocolate bars and bags!

    Following a vegan diet does not mean boring, plain food choices and giving up on creamy chocolate - you can still indulge in a sweet treat.

    When you need to satisfy those sweet cravings, we have created a fantastic range of yummy dairy-free chocolate snacks suitable for vegans. From vegan chocolate bars to vegan chocolate spreads and vegan chocolate truffles to vegan protein bars, we have chocolate and sweets to suit any taste.

    Shop our range of vegan chocolate bars and bags and satisfy your sweet tooth today. For sweet and savoury options, check out our vegan snacks to find vegan-friendly crisps, popcorn and more.

    Can vegans eat chocolate?

    The answer is a big, chocolatey yes! 

    Chocolate is made from cacao beans grown on trees, primarily a plant-based food substance. Unfortunately, when chocolate is made into a snack product, ingredients such as milk may be added, which means that anyone following a vegan diet is unable to eat them.

    But fear not – You do not have to miss out if you are following a vegan diet. There are plenty of vegan-friendly chocolate bars and snacks to choose from that are entirely dairy-free and plant-based.

    Is dark chocolate vegan?

    Dark chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa solids and is often made without milk. So, most dark chocolate is suitable for vegans. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (70 – 85%) also contains a good amount of fibre and minerals, primarily saturated and monounsaturated fats.

    Of course, you should always check the labels and ingredients of dark chocolate before you eat it. Some dark chocolate products may still contain dairy products such as milk and milk derivatives, including whey and casein. 

    Our vegan snacks are clearly labelled as vegan friendly. Still, we always recommend checking the packaging and consulting your doctor for any allergy advice for those with allergens.

    Vegan dark chocolate

    The Raw Halo Vegan Pure Dark Raw Chocolate is dark 76% dry cocoa solids made with organic cacao and a touch of coconut sugar. 

    The plant-based ingredients are ethically sourced, and the bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, natural and organic. And all this goodness makes for an exquisite taste.

    This glossy chocolate bar is smooth, with a satisfying snap when you break a piece off before it melts in your mouth! 

    Vegan chocolate snacks on the go

    Vegan chocolate bars are the perfect on-the-go snack. Just pop one in your bag to open when you get peckish during the day or as an after-work snack. 

    NOMO Caramel & Sea Salt Choc Bar is suitable for vegans and free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. However, there is no compromise on taste. NOMO chocolate bars are made in Great Britain and have delicious sea salt and caramel flavourings for a sweet, tangy flavour. Some ingredients include rice powder, cocoa butter, and rice syrup, giving it a creamy, luxurious texture. 

    Doisy & Dam Almond Butter Nuttercups contain all-natural ingredients and are vegan. The buttercups are perfectly portioned for you to snack on throughout the day. They are made using ethical cocoa and are free from palm oil too.

    Vegan chocolate to share

    If you are having a night in with friends and family, why not get some vegan chocolate snacks to share? Although these are so good that you might want to keep them all to yourself! 

    Mallow Puffs Salted Caramel & Dark Choc Mallows are vegan marshmallows coated in premium chocolate. The pouch is resealable, so you can save them for another day if you do not eat them all (yeah, right!). They are made with all-natural ingredients and are entirely free from gelatine. 

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