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    The main way to keep your colon healthy is to follow a low calorie, high fibre diet, which includes lots of fruits and vegetables. 

    Exercising regularly and avoiding smoking and alcohol can also help with colon health. 

    Extra care for your colon

    Digestive issues and problems with your stomach are challenging to put up with, especially if the problems are frequent and ongoing.

    It can be difficult to go about your day without constantly worrying, as well as feeling uncomfortable. Worrying about it can make the situation even worse.

    If you feel that your colon needs a little extra care, then you may want to look at taking a dietary supplement to support its overall health.

    Types of colon supplement

    Choose from a range of tablets, powders, gels and juices – there is something to suit everyone, no matter how you prefer to take your supplements.

    Powder colon supplements

    If you are not keen on swallowing tablets, then supplement powders could be a good alternative. 

    Holland & Barrett Regucol Powder is a combination of psyillium husks, inulin and bacterial cultures. 

    Regucol can help support levels of naturally occurring bacteria within the intestinal tract.

    Bioglan Inulin Powder is high in fibre, which can help bulk stools. It also naturally promotes digestive wellbeing.

    Psyllium husks

    Psyllium husks add valuable bulk to your diet. As they pass through the body, they turn into a gel, which then expands considerably 

    Holland & Barrett Psyllium Husks Capsules are rapid release capsules, which provide quick absorption for the body.

    Gel colon supplements

    Silicolgel is a natural gel product, which forms a protective coating over the stomach lining and the intestines, to help maintain a comfortable digestive system. 

    It can be used to give support against heartburn, reflux and vomiting as well as IBS symptoms, such as feeling nauseous, excessive wind and stomach ache, as well as general digestive discomfort.

    Aloe vera supplements for the colon

    Aloe vera can have a soothing effect when it is taken orally. 

    Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Complex Tablets are supplements containing aloe vera, botanical blend and acidophilus. 


    How prunes can help your digestive system

    As well as supplements, some foods can be very beneficial for the colon. Holland & Barrett Dried Prunes are low in fat and a good source of fibre, as well as contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism.


    A crucial part of the digestive system, the colon is also known by other names including the large bowel and large intestine. It is a tube-like organ which connects the small intestine to the anus.

    The colon is part of the digestive system and it can be found within the abdomen in the human body. 


    The colon can be divided into five parts: the cecum in the lower right abdomen; the ascending colon in the right side of the abdomen; the transverse colon which runs across the abdomen; the descending colon which travels down the left side of the abdomen and the sigmoid colon which is a short curve, just before the rectum.

    The colon removes water, nutrients and electrolytes from food that has been partially digested. The remaining food becomes solid waste, which moves through the colon, is stored within the rectum and then leaves the body in a stool.

    The entire colon is around five feet long, or 150cm. The actual length of the colon will vary from person to person.

    A colon cleanse is a way of clearing out your colon to remove blockages and any impurities which might be causing you issues. 


    The body cleanses the colon naturally on its own but sometimes you may feel that you need a little extra help with this.


    Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse is a dietary supplement which can support gastrointestinal health during sleep. 


    It uses the natural benefits of aloe vera and its other ingredients to cleanse you while you sleep.

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