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    Whether you are looking for a home health testing kit, supplements or vitamins, prostate and fertility support, we have a wide variety of specialist men’s products here for you.

    Supplements for men

    There are an extensive number of different types of supplements for men on the market, including vitamins for men, male fertility supplements, normal hair maintenance supplements and prostate supplements.

    So it can be something of a challenge to know which one is the right one for you.

    If you are taking any regular medications or have other health conditions, we always suggest that you consult your doctor first, before taking additional supplements.

    The best multivitamins for men

    When it comes to the best multivitamin for men, you might like to try an all-rounder such as the Holland & Barrett Ultra Man Multivitamin

    It is a one-a-day forumla and contains a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin D, copper, B vitamins, selenium & zinc.

    There are other products that are tailored to age, as men at different stages of their lives are likely to need a slightly different balance.

    For example, Vitabiotics Wellteen Him is especially for young men aged 13-19.

    It aims to help support mental performance as well as reduce tiredness and fatigue.

    Meanwhile, for older adults, there are supplements specifically for the over 50s, such as Vitabiotics Wellman 50+ or Holland & Barrett Male Multi 50+.

    Both of these focus on supporting energy-yielding metabolism and immunity.

    For anyone who would rather have an alternative to taking tablets, Nature's Way Alive! Mens Energy Soft Jells might be just the thing.

    They are a good all-round multivitamin which is soft and chewy and therefore easy to take.

    Male fertility supplements

    If you are looking to support your fertility, there are several things you could try.

    Proceive Men Advanced Fertility Supplement contains all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients recommended by fertility experts.

    Similarly, Vitabiotics Wellman Conception is contains zinc, iron, magnesium and folate.

    You may also find that a zinc supplement like Holland & Barrett High Strength Zinc Tablets can help with fertility, as well as a selenium supplement like Holland & Barrett Selenium Tablets which can help to support normal spermatogenesis (the creation and development of sperm cells).


    Declining testosterone levels are an expected and normal part of ageing for men.

    However, they can lead to symptoms in some men such as a lack of sex drive or a drop in energy.

    Taking a home testosterone test could help provide answers if you want to know more about the current levels of the testosterone hormone in your body.

    Tribulus terrestris is a supplement that can help – it contains natural steroidal chemicals known as saponins, as the main active ingredient.

    Similarly, Holland & Barrett High Strength Zinc tablets can help contribute to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.

    Hair maintenance

    Maintaining normal hair is important but even more so as you grow older.  There is an ever increasing number of supplements targeting hair health out there.

    While there is no absolute hair loss treatment for men, there are plenty of supplements that provide the right balance of nutrients to potentially help slow hair loss and thinning.

    Nourkrin Man Hair Preservation, Hairburst for Men and Viviscal for men are some of our most popular.

    Prostate support

    While it is normal for the prostate to get larger over time, sometimes it grows so much it can stop the urine flowing out of the body properly.

    Prostate problems can eased by making simple lifestyle changes such as cutting out caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks.

    But there are ways of naturally supporting your body and prostate health, including supplements such as Holland & Barrett Prostate Support, New Nordic Prosta Vital and Wellman Prostace.

    There are also plant-based supplements which may support prostate health, such as Holland & Barrett Saw Palmetto Capsules and Holland & Barrett Pumpkin Seed Oil.

    For more info on your prostate, check out our Prostate 101 article on the Health Hub.

    Other men’s health products       

    For a general check-up, you might like to consider doing a home Health and Lifestyle Check.  

    As simple blood test will return key health markers that may give you insights into aspects of your health that require improvement.

    These include cholesterol, key vitamins, iron storage and kidney function. A doctor will explain what your results mean and offer advice on your next steps.

    Our vitamins for men have a multitude of health benefits from maintaining normal bones to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels. Our vitamins for men and men multivitamins come in a variety of different formats from tablets to capsules and liquid. Our vitamins that support men's health are for men of all ages with some also contributing to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.


    There is no one size fits all when it comes to men’s health and men’s vitamins.


    There are a number of different supplements specifically aimed at men and the one you choose will really depend on your individual needs.


    Men may wish to take a supplement to support their prostate health, a gland that is part of the male reproductive system.


    Holland & Barrett Saw Palmetto Capsules is a food supplement which supports prostate health.

    Pharma Nord Prelox Tablets has a patented formula which contains a combination of L-Arginine, taurine and pycnogenol and is suitable for daily use.


    Pycnogenol is obtained from an extract of the French Maritime pine tree (pinus pinaster) and helps to support normal blood circulation throughout the male body, including the genital area.

    Lower testosterone levels are a normal part of ageing for men. Sometimes they can lead to symptoms such as a lack of sex drive or a drop in energy levels.


    If you want to find out more about your own testosterone levels, you can now take an at-home test.


    Medichecks Testosterone Blood Test is a laboratory blood test which you can do at home, to check the levels of testosterone in your body.

    If you are actively trying for a baby, you may want to take a supplement to support your fertility.


    Vitabiotics Wellman Conception Tablets is an advanced formula, which contains zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and selenium. This supplement contributes to normal reproductive health and fertility for men.

    As men get older, it is common for their hair to start thinning. While most men do lose their hair as they age, this can also be brought on earlier than expected.    


    There are a number of reasons for this, including genetics, medical issues such as thyroid problems and stress.    


    There are dietary supplements available which can support men’s hair health, no matter your age.    


    Viviscal Man Hair Growth Programme Tablets provide a unique blend of vitamins and minerals including zinc, silica and omega 3 fatty acids.    


    These work to nourish hair and help to promote normal hair health from within.

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