what is rye flour

What is rye flour?

06 Jun 2023

is rye bread healthy
is rye flour healthy
Flour (100g) Energy Fat Carbs Sugar Fibre Protein Iron
Rye (dark) 325kcal 2.2g 69g 2.3g 24g 16g 4.97mg
Almond 571mg 50g 21g 7.1g 14g 21g 3.57mg
White wheat 364kcal 1g 76g 0.3g 2.7g 10g 1.17mg
Whole grain wheat 340kcal 2.5g 72g 0.4g 11g 13g 3.6mg
Semolina 357kcal 1.2g 74g 2.4g 4.8g 12g 3.43mg
Buckwheat 335kcsl 3.1g 71g 2.6g 10g 12g 4.07mg
Brown rice 363kcal 2.8g 76g 0.7g 4.6g 7.2g 1.98mg
White rice 359kcal 1.3g 80g 0.1g 0.5g 6.9g 0.22mg
Coconut 400kcal 13g 60g 20g 33g 20g 6.67mg
Tapioca 349kcal 0.2g 85g 3.5g 0g 0.6g 1mg
Soya (defatted) 330kcal 1.2g 38.4g 18.9g 17.5g 47g 9.2mg
Corn 361kcal 3.9g 76.8g 0.6g 7.3g 6.9g 2.4mg
Quinoa 368kcal 7.5g 69g 3.6g 7g 10g 4.8mg


How to choose the best bread flour

How to choose the best bread flour

Donia Hilal

Author: Donia Hilal, Nutritionist

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