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vegan cheeseboard

Vegan cheese board: how to create your own

06 Dec 2022 • 4 min read


Gone are the days of plain and rubbery vegan cheeses. These days, plant-based folk can get their hands on a whole range of dairy-free cheese products – from cheddar alternatives to plant based camembert. And the ultimate way to try them all out is to create your own vegan cheese board! Perfect for Christmas (or if you’re just craving a bit of cheesy goodness) we’ve shared some of the best vegan cheeses for you to try, below.

8 of the best vegan cheeses

If you’re after the lowdown on all the new tasty vegan cheese options, you’re in the right place. We’ve listed some of our absolute favourites, all in a range of different styles so you can create an interesting and varied vegan cheese board. Check them out below.

1. Honestly Tasty – Blue

Starting off with a bold one, the almond based vegan ‘Blue’ cheese from Honestly Tasty is award-winning for a reason. To give it a similar flavour profile to the real deal, it’s made with Penicillium Roqueforti and matured over several weeks. It has that metallic tang that a lot of regular blue cheeses offer, but it’s also indulgently creamy and smooth. Plus, it only contains eight ingredients – which is impressive for cheese that hasn’t come from a cow!

Key features:

  • Made with almonds and coconut oil
  • Matured in North London
  • Contains Penicillium Roqueforti
  • Plant-based
  • Blue veins for an authentic look and taste

Goes great with: Chutney and crackers

2. Sheese – Mature Cheddar Style Block

To balance out the blue, a plant-based mature cheddar alternative is a must-have on your vegan cheese board. And this Sheese product is ideal for adding that moreish element. Not only does it melt on your tongue, but you can also melt it on toast - which isn’t an easy feat for a lot of dairy alternative cheeses!

Key features:

  • Source of calcium
  • Plant-based
  • Made with coconut oil
  • Soya free
  • Melts

Goes great with: A crusty loaf

3. Julienne Bruno – Burrella

Another game changer when it comes to plant-based cheese, you can’t not include the ‘Burrella’ by Julienne Bruno. Especially made for people who are craving burrata, this dairy free cheese alternative offers just that. This original plant-based product has a firm outer and an oh-so-soft centre – hello dipping sticks! Perfect for people who prefer plant-based cheese with a subtler taste.

Key features:

  • Made with soya milk and coconut oil
  • Minimum 6 day shelf life last 3 days refrigerated once opened
  • Plant-based

Goes great with: Cherry or plum tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil leaves

4. Honestly Tasty – Bree

What’s better than tucking into a big chunk of brie at Christmas (or any time for that matter!)? Now people who follow a vegan diet can do the same, thanks to Honestly Tasty. Their new ‘Bree’ alternative product is a mellow tasting, soft textured vegan brie alternative, boasting subtle earthy flavours. It even has a rind, so you’ll feel like you’re eating the real thing. 

Key features: 

  • Made with shea butter, rice bran oil and almonds
  • Plant-based 
  • Keep refrigerated keeps for 8-12 days (please read best before date on the label)
  • Rind for authentic look and texture

Goes great with: Crackers and cranberry sauce

5. Sheese – Grated Mild Cheddar Style

We’ve included a mature cheddar vegan alternative in the list, but what about a mild option? Let us introduce you to the dairy free grated Mild Cheddar Style alternative to cheese from Sheese. Not quite as strong as the mature cheddar style, this option is mild, melty and incredibly moreish. Perfect for popping on some crackers or bread and melting it under the grill – delish! 

Key features: 

  • Made with coconut oil
  • Soya-free
  • Plant-based 
  • Source of calcium
  • Grated format 

Goes great with: Bread, chips and crisps 

6. Julienne Bruno – CREMATTA™

Who said cream cheese isn’t for cheese boards? Perfect for putting in a little pot, ‘Crematta’ is a vegan cream cheese alternative by Julienne Bruno. Light, creamy and whipped – this is a tub of pure heaven. Make sure to serve it cold for the best taste and texture. 

Key features: 

  • Made with soya milk and coconut oil 
  • Plant-based
  • Lasts 3-6 days refrigerated Minimum 6 day shelf life last 3 days refrigerated once opened.
  • Dairy Free Cream cheese style alternative

Goes great with: Sourdough toast 

7. Honestly Tasty – Shamembert 

Plant based camembert anyone? With an authentic rind and creamy centre, this ‘Shamembert’ is the final choice from Honestly Tasty in our round up. Whether you want it cool or warmed up in the oven, you don’t want to leave this one off your board. Perfect for smushing over a cracker or dipped into with a chunk of rustic bread.

Key features: 

  • Made with shea butter, rice bran oil and almonds
  • Plant-based
  • Lasts 8-12 days refrigerated (please read best before date on the label)
  • Outer rind for an authentic look and feel

Goes great with: A crusty loaf or crackers and grapes

8. Julienne Bruno – SUPERSTRACCIA ™

And last – but by no means least – we have the ‘Superstraccia’ by Julienne Bruno. This vegan alternative to cottage cheese is super soft and creamy with a slightly salty taste. It’s also another one on the list that can be eaten hot or cold – what a result! 

Key features: 

  • Made with soya milk and coconut oil
  • Plant-based
  • Minimum 6 day shelf life last 3 days refrigerated once opened.
  • Plant based alternative to cottage cheese 

Goes great with: Flatbread and cherry tomatoes 

How to create the ultimate dairy-free cheese board

Now you know the best vegan cheese to add to your board, how do you put it all together? Here are the top three things to consider:

  1. Composition – you want the board to look nice, right? Try to include lots of different shapes and sizes when it comes to the dairy free cheeses, think sliced, chunks and grated.
  2. Variety – this is key for making a cheese board to impress, make sure to include a range of different types of vegan cheese to keep it interesting!
  3. Extras – while vegan cheese is the star of the show, a great cheese board will contain lots of other elements to add other dimensions and flavours.

What else to add to a vegan cheese board

We mentioned that it’s best to add extras, but what do we mean? Here are some examples to take your vegan cheese board up a notch:

  1. Chutney or pickle

You can’t have cheese without chutney! Ultimately, this is because the sweetness of the chutney complements the saltiness of the cheese so well. We’d go for the Deliciously Different Pickle if you’re looking for a vegan approved option.

  1. Crackers or bread

Adding different textures is another great way to make your board a success. Perfect for providing a crunch, the Leksands Crispbread Originals are a great vegan option.

  1. Fresh or dried fruit

Again, to add a hit of sweetness, both fresh fruit like grapes or dried fruits are ideal for levelling up your vegan cheese board. Go for a fruit with a bit of bite to it, like dried dates or dried apricots! 

  1. Nuts

Whether you go for walnuts, pecans or almondsnuts are a lovely crunchy addition to a vegan cheese board. Plus, they score extra aesthetic points as they look lovely scattered over the board too!

  1. Meat alternatives

And lastly, we have plant-based meat alternatives. Rolled up or added in layers, meat alternatives are a great way to add a bit of flavour and protein.

If you include one or two of each of the extras we’ve listed, you’ll be well on your way to having a lovely rounded vegan cheese board.

The final say

Ready to get collecting all the components of your cheese board? If you follow our tips and use some of our suggestions, we’re sure your guests will be blown away by your culinary skills. Check out our other vegan recipes if you’re looking for more inspiration or find a selected store near you to browse the latest chilled foods - including some delectable cheeses!

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