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Dr Organic

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Organic meets innovation with Dr Organic
Dr Organic are passionate about extracting health and beauty secrets from the past to create the ground-breaking natural products of the future. From nourishing Dr Organic Shampoo to Dr Organic Snail Gel, Dr Organic products contain the very best natural ingredients to make you look and feel beautiful.

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    Who are Dr Organic?

    Dr Organic don’t just create a product and use active ingredients… they use the active ingredients to create the product

    Strong believers in the power of nature, Dr Organic are constantly in search of the purest and most potent natural extracts. They delve deep into beauty traditions of the past to find out which supercharged botanicals can make you look and feel amazing. A sprinkle of scientific innovation is added to boost the natural goodness of their products, and make sure they’re providing you with the best and most effective formulas.

    What is so special about Dr Organic?

    Organic Ingredients

    Dr Organic put organically grown ingredients first and foremost. When an organic ingredient can’t be used, they always try to source sustainable and natural alternatives.

    Natural, Bioactive Ingredients

    Natural ingredients are used in each and every formulation, including certified bioactive ingredients to make sure that each product is truly powered by nature. Take Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel for example, made with bioactive organic aloe vera.

    No Animal Ingredients

    Every Dr Organic product is suitable for vegetarians and never tested on animals. Some products are vegan-friendly, like Dr Organic Vitamin E Oil that can nourish dry skin, scars and stretch marks. But, Dr Organic do use by-products like honey, royal jelly, propolis and beeswax in some of their ranges.

    Kind to the environment

    Dr Organic ethically-source the best and most sustainable natural extracts, keeping them cruelty-free and vegetarian, because they believe that luxury shouldn’t cost the Earth.

    Dr Organic

    Using premium organic and natural raw ingredients obtained from regions across the globe, Dr Organic have devised an extensive range of hair, oral and body care products to maintain your health and wellbeing. Holland & Barrett’s selection of Dr Organic products vary from body wash and toothpaste to hair serum and more.

    Dr Organic Range – Benefits

    The Dr Organic range is both friendly to the skin and the environment, as it is based on the natural compounds that derive from herbs, plants, vitamins and minerals from around the world. All products develop from these raw ingredients and extracts, and have been certified as organic. Dr Organic skincare products offer the benefits of natural vitamins and minerals and are free from mineral oils and harmful chemicals.

    Dr Organic Products

    Rose Otto

    A handful of our products derive from rose otto oil, which is extracted by steam distillation from the Rosa Damascena.


    Our product range also descends from fruits such as the pomegranate. It nourishes and promotes glowing skin.

    Manuka Honey

    Our range also incorporates manuka honey: a honey produced in New Zealand.

    Our extensive collection of Dr Organic products also includes:

    Holland & Barrett is a trusted provider of high quality organic products. Celebrated for their natural ingredients and beneficial abilities, you’re sure to find the ideal product amid our exciting range.

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