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    Wonderful conditioner - easy to apply to the hair strands and leaves hair wonderfully smooth. Gorgeous smell too!

    Wonderbar Conditioner Bar For Oily to Normal Hair

    Love this, leaves my hair feeling clean and I’m happy knowing there’s no nasty chemicals. Glad I switched to shampoo bars :) highly recommended.

    Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar For Normal Hair

    Love this cleanser. Excellent at removing make up for 1st cleanse and can be used as a second cleanse. Not drying and zero free.

    Bliss Bar Face Cleansing Bar


    One of the forerunners of the plastic-free movement, Ethique was started in 2012.


    Originally run out of founder Brianne’s New Zealand kitchen, Ethique was created in reaction to the amount of waste Brianne saw created by our day to day toiletries.


    Amongst the first brands to begin swapping bottles for solid bars, Ethique creates plastic-free bathroom products, from shampoo bars to scrubs, lip balms and deodorants for all skin and hair types.


    Stocked by Holland and Barrett since 2016, Ethique products have always been popular with our customers. The first batch we stocked even made headlines, when it completely sold out within 48 hours.

    Ethique’s waste free beauty range use biodegradable ingredients as well as compostable packaging – meaning once you have used your Ethique bar, you can dispose of the packaging in your compost bin. With no jar or bottle in sight, Ethique products leave no trace whatsoever.

    Yes all products are suitable for vegans - Ethique only use plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, essential oils and cocoa butter.

    No products are tested on animals - Ethique strongly believe that their products should not harm the planet or animals. Three independent bodies, CCF, PETA and SAFE, have all certified Ethique as a cruelty free producer of natural beauty bars.

    Not only plastic and waste-free, Ethique also stands for being completely ethical in their business, insisting on pricing transparency, with all suppliers to the brand paid a fair price.


    All Ethique products are fairly and reasonably priced, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy these great natural products.


    For example, Ethique Heali Kiwi, the brand’s shampoo bar for sensitive scalps, is formulated to provide the same amount of scalp friendly cleaning as three bottles of regular anti-dandruff shampoo, most of which are around 70% water.


    The same ability to super concentrate products goes into all Ethique’s shampoo and conditioner bars, giving you more product for your money while taking up less space on your shelves.

    Solid bars are not as clean and tidy as bottles, we know.


    Thankfully Ethique are on the case with handy storage boxes, which double as an Ethique travel container, keeping your solid bars safely contained at home and on the move.

    Those of us with curly, dry, coloured or thinning hair face extra challenges in finding products that work for us.


    Ethique is ready to face that challenge, providing products formulated to stand up to the toughest hair issues.


    Take Ethique Frizz Wrangler. Like Ethique Kiwi, this solid shampoo bar is ultra-concentrated and easy to use. It is also 100% soap-free and pH balanced, helping to smooth and tame the frizziest of locks.


    Ethique Guardian conditioner does all the work of a thick, deeply conditioning balm with none of the waste.


    Containing cocoa butter and coconut oil, The Guardian is a deeply hydrating and nourishing treat for dry, damaged hair.


    If lank, fine hair is more your concern, look no further than Ethique Sweet and Spicy, a volumizing shampoo packed with salt, ginger and cinnamon for delicious smelling, bouncy hair.

    Ethique beauty knows no gender. Suitable for everyone, Ethique products are completely unisex, formulated with both men and women in mind.


    Some multitasking products, like Ethique Tip to Toe shampoo and shaving bar, are especially popular with men.

    Ethique knows that mums and dads care about the planet too. Which is why they have created a range of gentle, plastic-free products suitable for little ones.


    Ethique Oaty Delicious mild shampoo, Baby Bott nappy rash balm and Love Baby massage bar are just some of the products designed especially for the smallest members of your family.

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