Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 500ml

Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 500ml

Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 500ml

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If you’ve been feeling more tired than usual, follow a vegetarian diet, or are pregnant / breastfeeding, a boost of liquid iron could be just what you need. This Floradix Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula provides an easy solution.

A quick 10ml sip twice a day fills your body with high-quality iron, as well as vitamins B2, B6, B12 and C.

What are the benefits of iron and vitamins in this Floradix Iron Supplement?

  • Feeling tired and fatigued? Floradix Liquid Iron Formula contains iron (in the form of iron gluconate), vitamins B2, B6, and B12, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and to normal energy yielding metabolism.
  • Iron also contributes to normal red blood cell and haemoglobin formation, which is supported by vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
  • Floradix also contains vitamin C, which increases iron absorption.

What are the benefits of Liquid Iron?

  • Iron and vitamins in Floradix Liquid Iron are already dissolved in the liquid, so they're absorbed quicker by the digestive system compared to tablets
  • Floradix is easy to take – especially if you don’t like to or can’t swallow pills
  • Due to its potency and ease of absorption, Floradix Liquid Iron is particularly suitable for the elderly, women, expectant and lactating mothers, convalescents, people with an active lifestyle and vegetarians
  • This Floradix Iron Formula contains several fruit juice concentrates and herbs to make it taste nice
  • Floradix contains no preservatives, no alcohol, artificial flavourings or colourings. It’s also lactose free and suitable for vegetarians

If you’re worried you’re not getting enough iron through your diet, why not try this Floradix Liquid Iron Tonic?

  • This Floradix Liquid Iron Formula contains iron, vitamins B2, B6, B12 & vitamin C
  • It’s particularly beneficial for people with an active lifestyle, expectant and lactating mothers
  • Floradix Liquid Iron Formula contains no alcohol, preservatives, colourings or artificial flavourings, & is free from lactose

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Full ingredients

Aqueous herbal extract (54 %) from: carrot root (Daucus carota),nettle leaf (Urtica dioica),spinach leaf (Spinacia oleracea),couch grass root (Agropyron repens),fennel fruit (Foeniculum vulgare),kelp thallus (Macrocystis pyrifera), roselle flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa).Mixture of fruit juice concentrates (29.4 %) of: pear, grape, blackcurrant juice, water, blackberry, cherry, orange,red beet,lemon,carob extract,apple.Aqueous yeast extract,honey,aqueous rosehip softextract (Rosa canina) containing 4 % vitamin C, iron (as ferrous gluconate), wheat germ extract, vitamin C ascorbic acid), natural flavours, thiamine (as thiamin hydrochloride), riboflavin (as riboflavin sodium phosphate), vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamine).

For allergens, please see ingredients in bold.

Always read the label before use

Nutritional Information

Energy 336kj/80kcal
Protein <1.0g
Carbohydrate 18.6g
Fat <1.0g
Vitamin C 130mg
Thiamin 8.0mg
Riboflavin 9.0mg
Vitamin B6 4.0mg
Vitamin B12 6.0ug
Iron 75mg
Typical values per 10ml
Energy 33.6kj/8kcal
Protein <0.1g
Carbohydrate 1.9g
Fat <0.1g
Vitamin C 13mg
Thiamin 0.8mg
Riboflavin 0.9mg
Vitamin B6 0.4mg
Vitamin B12 0.6ug
Iron 7.5mg

Additional Info


Shake bottle before use.

Adults: Take 10ml twice a day. Approximately 30 minutes before morning and evening meals.

Children 3 - 5 years: Take 5ml once daily.

Children 6 - 12 years: Take 10ml once daily.

Advisory information:

Shake bottle before use. Take 10 ml twice a day. Approx 30 minutes before morning and evening meals Children 3 - 5 years 5ml taken once daily Children 6 - 12 years 10ml taken once daily.

Remember to:

We go to great efforts to ensure that the information on this page is accurate at the time that the page was last edited. As we are constantly reviewing and developing our products to meet our consumer needs, consumers, particularly those that suffer from allergies and intolerances, should always check product labelling, warnings, and directions provided with the product that is delivered, prior to use or consumption.

Free from

Dairy Free


What is iron?

Iron is an essential mineral which your body needs for a variety of functions, including supporting the transportation of oxygen throughout the body.


Your body can store iron but if you do not get enough of it through your diet, then these stores will become depleted, leaving you feeling more tired than usual.

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What is iron used for in the body?

Iron contributes to the normal production of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the substance within red blood cells that carries the oxygen from your lungs throughout your body to your muscles and other organs.


If you are not getting enough oxygen in the body then you can become fatigued.

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Which are the best iron containing foods?

Good sources of iron include red meat and liver.


Vegetarian sources of iron include beans such as red kidney beans, chickpeas and edamame beans as well as nuts, dried fruit such as apricots plus many fortified breakfast cereals.


If you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet than it can sometime be a challenge to get all the iron that you need through your diet alone. It is therefore a good idea to get extra iron by taking a dietary supplement.

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How much iron do you need?

The amount of iron you need each day depends on your age and gender.


The NHS recommends the following daily amounts:

8.7mg for men over 18

14.8mg for women aged between 19 and 50

8.7mg for women over 50

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What is the best way to take liquid iron?

If you do not like to swallow tablets then Floradix Liquid Iron Formula is a great solution. Each glass bottle even comes with its own handy measuring cup.


It is super easy to take – just take a couple of 10ml sips per day – one in the morning and one in the evening, around 30 minutes before eating.


This Flurodix formula contains iron from ferrous gluconate, which is known to be a particularly absorbable form of iron.


It also contains vitamins B2, B6, B12 and vitamin C, which also contribute to the reduction of tiredness and to normal energy yielding metabolism as well as helping to increase the absorption of iron.

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What is the difference between liquid iron and iron tablets?

As we have mentioned above, liquid iron is a great option if you cannot or do not like to take tablets.


Iron and vitamins are already dissolved in the liquid and this means that they are absorbed more quickly compared to tablets.


Because of how easily these vitamins and minerals are absorbed, Floradix is particularly suitable for elderly people, women, expectant and breastfeeding mothers and people who lead an active lifestyle.


Its easy to take formula means it is also suitable for children.


It also tastes nice! The formula contains fruit juice concentrates and herbs so you do not need to worry about the flavour.

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Is Floradix Liquid Iron Formula suitable for vegetarians?

It is lactose free, alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians.

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