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Adrienne Herbert, Motivational Speaker - Wellness

Adrienne Herbert

About Adrienne

Adrienne is a leading wellness professional, international TEDx speaker, Podcast Host, Author and marathon runner.

Adrienne is the epitome of the modern digital entrepreneur, and she is also a brand consultant to the UK's leading fitness app Fiit. Adrienne is regularly invited to deliver talks and workshops for brands such as Apple, Barclays & WeWork, to motivate and empower their employees. 

Women's Health magazine said 'What Adrienne can't do, hasn't been created yet.' and british VOGUE named her as a 'New face of wellness.'

Adrienne is also a mum to 9 year old son, Jude, so she knows the reality of blending parenting, working, training and living. She believes that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things and she is on a mission to help you reach your goals.

Areas of expertise

  • Motivation
  • Fitness
  • Health and wellness