lavender oil on a purple background with leaves

Rose oil

Rose essential oil has an unmistakable scent and comes a close second to lavender in terms of being used for stress relief.


It is an uplifting essential oil, which boosts mental strength and makes you feel more confident.28

lavender oil on a purple background with leaves

Chamomile oil

Chamomile is a peaceful and calming scent.


Using chamomile oil in a diffuser to disperse the scent into the air, in a bath blend, or as part of a massage oil, can help dispel some of the physical and mental tension caused by a hard day

lavender oil on a purple background with leaves

Frankincense oil

With its exotic scent, frankincense encourages feelings of inner peace by promoting calmness and relaxation.


The warm, rich scent encourages a calming and reflective effect, promoting serenity and stillness.

orange oil on white background with orange segments

Orange oil

Sourced from the rind of this zesty fruit, orange and sweet orange essential oils have been known to uplift moods with their sweet, sunny and refreshing scents.

Vanilla oil with stems

Vanilla oil

Take a trip down memory lane as you inhale vanilla essential oil. It’ll soothe your mind and help you think more clearly.


It’s a natural ingredient used in all areas of the food and personal care industry for its familiar scent, as well as other benefits.29 For many people, the aroma reminds them of eating ice cream as a child.

Clary sage oil and leaves

Clary sage

Clary sage originates from the Latin “clarus”, meaning “clear.”


We like to think of clary sage as “clearing” away the dark clouds of our mood, as it’s traditionally been known for its uplifting and euphoric actions.

lavender oil on a purple background with leaves

Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. It has a diverse range of benefits, including promoting calmness and relaxation.


It can help soothe and prepare you for a good night’s sleep, or just to help unwind after a difficult day. As a stress reliever, it is one of the most calming oils to use.

Dr Julie Smith: Your toolkit for mental health

Dr Julie Smith: Your toolkit for mental health

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