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Digestive Issues, IBS & the Low FODMAP Diet

22 Feb 2023


What is IBS?

What is IBS?

How does the Low FODMAP Diet help IBS?

How does the Low FODMAP Diet help IBS?

How can Bay’s Kitchen help?

Bay  Burdett

Author: Bay Burdett, Founder & CEO of Bay's Kitchen

Bay had been suffering for many years with uncomfortable symptoms and was diagnosed with IBS in 2015. She was recommended to follow the Low FODMAP Diet by her doctor. Bay decided to develop her own Low FODMAP Foods, and she created the brand Bay’s Kitchen in 2018 with the aim to create products to help fellow IBS sufferers.

Bay’s Kitchen creates award-winning, IBS Friendly food products that are made without hard-to-digest ingredients like onion and garlic. All products in the range are certified Low FODMAP, Gluten Free and Dairy Free, with many being Vegan Approved too. These foods enable those with digestive issues to eat with ease without compromising on taste or quality and allow friends and families to eat together again no matter what their dietary requirements are.

Bay lives in Cheltenham and juggles building the brand whilst raising her baby Phoebe.