Banana, date and walnut flapjacks

Rebel Recipes banana, date and walnut flapjacks

02 Dec 2022


Flapjacks are a great snack for any time of the time. You could also have them for breakfast or dessert, which makes them a deliciously versatile baked good.

Niki Webster from Rebel Recipes has created a flapjack recipe that is an alternative spin on the classic, with a healthy twist.

Serves 12
Cook time 20 minutes

Nutrients per serving:

Energy Total fat Saturates Protein Fibre Carbs Sugar Salt
236 kcal 14 g 8.2 g 4.1 g 2.3 g 22 g 11 g 0.03 g



  • Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, coconut.


1. Pre heat the oven to gas mark 5/190o

2. Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl & add the mashed bananas.

3. Add the dates to a mini chopper with a little water and blitz to a paste.

4. Heat the coconut oil, date paste & peanut butter in a saucepan over a low heat until combined.

5. Add the wet mix to the mixture & stir well until everything is combined (this shouldn’t be too wet).

6. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper & spread the mix on top, around an inch thick. Top with seeds.

7. Bake for 20 minutes.

8. Remove from the oven, leave to cool slightly & then divide into squares.

This recipe is incredibly moreish, and we know that once you try it, it’ll become a firm favourite.

Niki’s Bio:

Niki Webster is an award-winning plant-based blogger and holistic health coach. Niki creates recipes that are gluten free, refined sugar free and plant based. She finds that a light, natural diet makes her feel her best, and after trying her recipes yourself, we’re sure you’ll agree. Discover more from Niki on her blog.

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