An asparagus pizza with cauliflower base

5 healthy alternatives to your favourite comfort food

05 Jun 2023


Dieting for weight loss does not have to mean bland, boring foods. In fact, it’s never been a better time for dieters. Healthy ingredients, baking mixes, and smart foods swaps mean your diet can be fun and delicious.

Swap: pizza base

For: cauliflower pizza base

Cauliflower is a dieter’s best friend! This versatile veggie is packed with vitamins, micronutrients, and fibre for few calories. Did you know that you can make a legit pizza base from grated cauliflower? It bakes up crisply and supports your pizza toppings just like the real thing. Combine a head of cauliflower without the stalk (grate it or use a food processor, 25g low fat grated mozzarella 2 eggs, plus herbs like oregano and garlic powder. Press the mixture onto a lightly greased baking tray and bake until crisp.

Swap: homebaked muffin

For: a protein mugcake

In a large mug, stir together one scoop of protein powder (whey or casein work best), one egg, and a splash of milk or milk substitute, plus a pinch of baking powder. Microwave for one minute, until slightly soft in the middle. You can top it with dark chocolate or nut butter for even more of a treat!

Swap: frozen yoghurt

For: a thick protein smoothie

In your blender, combine a scoop of protein powder, plenty of ice, a pinch of anthem gum, and enough water to blend. Pulse until the mixture is thick. Top with your favourite fro-yo toppings.

Swap: ice cream

For: frozen banana

This trick will revolutionise your diet! Peel and chop a banana into chunks, and freeze them. Then whizz them up in your blender. There’s no need to add anything else. It tastes like creamy vanilla ice-cream. You could add protein powder, cacao powder, matcha green tea powder, frozen berries or any other healthy ingredient if you like.

Swap: egg fried rice

For: this clever cauliflower alternative

Try this as a main meal or a side dish for your next home-cooked take out style meal. Grate cauliflower florets by hand on in a food processor. In a heavy pan, melt some coconut oil or butter. Add the cauliflower. Then add herbs and spices like red chilli, cumin seeds, black pepper, fresh lemon, garlic, or parsley to suit your tastebuds. Mix everything well as the cauliflower cooks. Then crack on one egg per person and stir through before taking the mixture off the heat.

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