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Everything you need to know about HRT

06 Jun 2023


How often to take HRT

How often to take HRT

HRT risks

HRT side effects

How can HRT help?

How can HRT help?

Non-hormonal HRT alternatives for helping with menopause symptoms


The final say

Dr Rachel Hines

Author: Dr Rachel Hines, Menopause Specialist

MRCGP, Royal College of General Practice 2006, Advanced menopause special study module, FSRH, British Menopause Society Specialist Register 2020, DFSRH 2006, DCH 2005, DRCOG 2004

Dr Rachel Hines is a Menopause specialist and GP specialising in women’s health.

Rachel has always specialised in Women’s health as a GP and worked in Community Gynaecology for 4 years. This developed her interest in the menopause which led her to completing the advanced menopause special study module  with the Faculty of Sexual Reproductive Healthcare. She has continued this interest and works a menopause specialist in a private clinic in central London, and also works as a menopause specialist for the H&B Meno app. She is passionate about providing holistic care and support for women at all stages of life, and particularly when going through peri menopause and menopause. She focuses on the importance of lifestyle as well as using both hormonal and non hormonal therapies.

In her spare time, Rachel is kept busy by her 2 sons, and enjoys walking, travelling and reading.