Chocolate & Chia Dessert

25 Mar 2023


Suitable for Vegans
Difficulty rating Easy
Prep time 40 Minutes
Cook time 10 Minutes
Serves 4



Step 1
Firstly make the chia pudding by combining the chia seeds and almond milk in a bowl, stir well and set in the fridge for 30-40 minutes.

Step 2
Meanwhile make the chocolate mousse by adding the avocado's, cacao powder and maple syrup to a food processor and blitz until all combined and a mousse is formed.

Step 3
Take the chia pudding out of the fridge and stir through 170g of natural almond yoghurt.

Step 4
Cut the strawberries in half and stick them to the inside of the serving glass.

Step 5
Take your serving glass and start to layer up the pudding starting with the chocolate mouse, then 2 tbsp of natural almond yoghurt, then chia pudding. (measures allow for two layers of each mixture as shown on image)

Step 6
Decorate with extra strawberries and chopped vegan chocolate and enjoy!

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