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    Get the facts on biotin, a supplement with proven benefits.

    Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin with many benefits. Some are not yet proven, but others can help your body with essential processes like metabolism, which is how food gets turned into energy. 

    Beyond biotin’s biological benefits also include maintenance of normal hair and skin.  Again, studies are few and far between, so most of what you’ve read or heard about biotin online or in magazines will likely be from personal experiences. Nevertheless, our guide will tell you everything you need to know.

    Biotin benefits

    You shouldn’t be low in biotin but not having enough in your body can lead to dry or brittle hair and even rashes, which is why people believe biotin (or vitamin H) can help in these areas. To round off this guide, here is a list of common scientifically proven benefits that  come with biotin:

    - Biotin contributes to maintenance of normal hair and skinBiotin supports normal psycological function

    - Biotin helps contribute to the normal fuction of the nervous system

    - Biotin supports energy-yielding and macronutrient metabolism  

    Looking for biotin products? Whatever your needs for biotin, you’ll find a quality range of supplements direct from us, with biotin-infused hair sprays and tablets aimed specifically at hair growth and food supplements for general all-round health.


    Biotin is a B complex vitamin that’s found in a number of plant-based foods and animal products. 


    One of the B vitamins the body uses to convert food into energy, biotin is also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7.


    Biotin has several names, including vitamin H and B7, but gets the name biotin from the ancient word ‘biotos’. The word means ‘life’ or ‘sustenance’ in ancient Greek, and you can understand why, thanks to its various health benefits we will discuss below. 


    Most people get all the biotin they need through their diet, and it’s very rare to be deficient. Below is just a short list of some of the foods that are high in biotin:



    - Spinach

    - Eggs

    - Mushrooms

    - Red meat

    - Poultry

    - Avocado

    - Carrots


    So if biotin is present in so many foods, why do some nutritionists and lifestyle bloggers recommend biotin tablets or biotin capsules in food supplement form? Allow us to explain in the following section of this FAQs guide.

    Aside from what you’ve read, biotin’s reputation as an essential B vitamin can help with supporting energy-yielding metabolism  and contributing to macronutrient metabolism (converting carbohydrates into glucose) 


    Some physicians  recommend that pregnant mothers get an adequate supply of biotin. As with any supplement, however, balance is key, and you should check each product individually to see if it’s suitable.

    Biotin helps to keep your skin and hair healthy.


    It is also vital for energy and supports the nervous system.

    Many people choose biotin for their hair health. Why? Because those with a biotin deficiency tend to suffer from red, scaly skin and loss of hair.


    For this reason, it is thought that B7 is more than likely involved in the maintenance of smooth, healthy skin and lush locks.

    Adults, including those who are pregnant, require 40mcg of biotin a day, found through food or via a biotin supplement.


    Children up to a year old need 6mcg of biotin a day, one to three year olds require 20mcg and four to ten year olds 25mcg.


    Adolescents and teens normally need 35mcg of vitamin B7 each day.

    Most people will get all the vitamin B7 they need from their daily diet. Biotin is found in the highest levels in cooked eggs, salmon, pork and dairy products.


    If you do not eat meat or dairy, you can find this vitamin in plenty of plant sources, including sweet potatoes, spinach and bananas.


    It is also present in nuts, including almonds, peanuts and walnuts and can be found in whole grains and cereals.


    Cooking and processing can minimise biotin’s effectiveness so eating plenty of raw foods – a handful of nuts or a banana – may be a more efficient way of ensuring your body gets the best.

    There are not many people who need a biotin-only supplement. However, because it is an important vit for our everyday health, it does often appear in multivitamins and in particular in B vitamin complexes.


    In fact, taking a B vitamin complex is a great way to make sure you get all the biotin you need, along with plenty of other energy-giving nutrients.


    Hair health supplements, such as New Nordic Hair Volume supplements, tend to contain a good dose of biotin along with other nutrients thought to aid your hair health and appearance, such as copper, zinc or silica.

    Water-soluble, biotin will simply pass through your system if you take more than your body needs.


    This means it is a very safe supplement, with very few side effects. Some people can experience nausea or digestive issues when taking biotin capsules but no toxicity effects have ever been reported.

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