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28 Sep 2022 • 2 min read


We’d like to think health taboos are behind us: but two thirds of people do not talk about the menopause, with 61% avoiding the topic due to fear of ‘judgement’.

Join us and our ambassador, Cherry Healey, in the Pause & Listen Pledge.

We don’t know how your unique menopause feels, but we pledge to listen.

We pledge to offer support when you want it with our 4000 menopause-trained colleagues - many of whom have been through menopause themselves.

To sit and chat with someone who is going through or has been through the menopause, visit one of our Pause & Listen rooms.

Since your menopause might not follow the 9-to-5, you’ll find our experts online for an out-of-hours video call.

We promise to give you space to offload in a community that’s got time for the good, bad, and ugly truths.

We’ve all got someone who needs our ear - so join us and take the Pause & Listen Pledge.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @hollandandbarrett and share the pledge alongside our hashtag #MenopauseandListen to help us listen, support and offer guidance to those on their menopause journey.

Cherry Healey's perimenopause story

"I began to struggle with sleeplessness and anxiety just over a year ago, but it wasn’t until I started filming Women’s Health: Breaking the Taboos, that I realised these may be the first symptoms of perimenopause. I spoke to a specialist on the show and began to explore natural remedies to help alleviate what I was experiencing.

I was lucky I was able to speak to an expert, but so many women aren’t as fortunate, and we just kind of get on with it. I think it’s really important that women take time to pause and take their symptoms seriously. Even a small conversation with a trained professional, like one of Holland & Barrett’s advisers, could make a really big difference."

Find out more about Cherry's experience with perimenopause

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