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Keto friendly coconut protein balls in cupcake holders.

9 easy and delicious keto snacks you can enjoy at home or on the go

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

Who doesn’t love a snack? On the keto diet, snacks make up an important part of your daily nutrients. A snack should act as fuel, giving you the energy you need to get through the day. A snack should also taste good. This is important to improve your mood and lift your spirits. On keto, a snack should also fit into the daily allocation of macronutrients the keto diet is based around – which is 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fat. 1

Stumped for keto snack ideas?

In a world of crackers, crisps and cereal bars, it might seem like low-carb easy keto snacks are hard to find. Luckily, there are plenty of keto-friendly snacks based around protein and fats for you to discover.

What snacks can I have on the keto diet? 

Remember the keto rules – low-carb, moderate protein and high fat. Don’t be tempted to sneak in a slice of bread or a banana – or you’ll risk losing your hard-earned state of ketosis. As you’ll know if you’re already following keto – ketosis is when your body switches its preferred fuel source from glycogen from carbohydrates to fat. 2 Check out the following keto snacks:
  1. Nut butter balls 

Contains fats with some protein while being low in sugar, nut butter balls are delicious keto sweet snacks. See them as the keto version of energy balls. Some people call them ‘fat bombs’ due to the hefty amount of fats they pack. Don’t be put off by the name – remember, on keto a fat bomb is a good thing. You could make your own using your choice of nut butter (avoid cashew), sugar-free chocolate chips, ground linseeds, ground coconut, almond flour and powdered cacao. Keto balls are also convenient keto snacks to buy.  Boost Ball Keto Choc Hazelnut | Holland & Barrett (hollandandbarrett.com) Carbohydrates per 40g serving: 4g
  1. Egg and broccoli mini muffin 

These are so easy to make, despite being filling and savoury enough to make you think you’ve had a mini-meal.
  • Simply beat eggs with salt, pepper and spring onions (optional), with some finely chopped broccoli florets crumbled in at the end.
  • Pour into individual muffin tins (as though you were making a Yorkshire pudding) and bake for 15-20 minutes in the oven at 180C.
  • For extra flavour, sprinkle each muffin with grated cheese during the last 5 minutes of cooking.
What’s more, they’re customisable according that what low-carb vegetables you like. Spinach, peppers, courgette and cauliflowers all work well. Carbohydrates per mini muffin: 1.4g
  1. Cheese and pepper strips 

Vegetable restrictions on keto mean that followers can risk running low on some important vitamins. Low-carb green, red and yellow peppers are great keto foods as they’re packed with vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre. These quick keto snacks couldn’t be simpler. Simply cut a pepper into strips and pair with slices of your favourite cheese. The combination of creamy cheese and bright, crunchy peppers is truly delicious and satisfying. Carbohydrates per serving of 28g cheese and 1 pepper: 4.7g
  1. Nuts

No keto follower should ever be without a pot of nuts in their bag. These simple keto friendly snacks have the magic keto ratio of low-carb, medium protein and high fat. Not all nuts are created equal when it comes to keto, however. Avoid cashews as they’re too carb-heavy to eat freely on keto, with pistachios and almonds also coming in a little on the carb-y side to be enjoyed with impunity. The best nut choices to stay in ketosis are lower-carb nuts like pecans, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts. Carbohydrates per 28g serving: 3.9g
  1. Cheese stuffed mushrooms

Mushrooms are low-carb, therefore ideal for keto. And you already know that the keto diet permits all your favourite cheeses.
  • Remove the stalk and a little of the flesh from a chestnut mushroom and fill with a mixture of grated/ cream cheese and your favourite herbs.
  • Season with salt and pepper. Chopped spring onions or chives are a nice addition here (not regular onions though – these aren’t keto-friendly).
  • Bake in the oven at 200C for 30 minutes.
These are delicious straight out of the oven, but once cooled they made a great portable keto diet snacks for when you’re on the go. Just remember a napkin for the greasy fingers! Carbohydrates per 4 cheese-stuffed stuffed mushrooms: 3g
  1. Beef jerky

This dehydrated meat snack is hugely popular in the USA and is gaining popularity in the UK thanks in part to the rise of low-carb diets. It’s enjoyed by followers of keto due to its great taste and satiating (filling) effect. A 20g piece of beef jerky contains around 5g fat, 7g protein and only around 2g carbs. Carbohydrates per 20g serving: 2g
  1.  Eggs 

Eggs are among the best keto snacks. Simple, affordable and natural, eggs contain satiating fat, protein and only trace amounts of carbs. A boiled egg also offers nutrients like vitamin D, choline and folate. Once cooked, leave boiled eggs in their shells and place in a small airtight container for eating later in the day. Peel when you’re ready to eat for maximum freshness. Boiled eggs should be stored in the fridge overnight. Carbohydrates per 2 large boiled eggs: 1.2g
  1. Chocolate

Yes, you heard that right. Some chocolate is permissible on keto – but it must be low-carb and sugar-free. Dark chocolates of at least 70% cocoa solids is permissible in small quantities. Keep it as a treat, though. A standard 28g portion of dark chocolate (4 squares) contains around 12.5g carbohydrates. For more information check out  Can I eat chocolate on a keto diet? Carbohydrates per 28g serving: 12.5g
  1. Popcorn

Can you eat popcorn on a keto diet?

Technically, yes. Although it feels indulgent and carb-heavy, popcorn is just low-carb enough to fit into a keto diet when eaten in moderation. Bear in mind that a 2000 calorie daily diet can accommodate around 20g net carbs each day on keto to stay within the 5% carbs daily parameters. Carbohydrates per 28g serving: 21g

Is peanut butter keto friendly? 

Peanut butter is keto-friendly. In fact, it forms the basis of many keto snacks and smoothies. You still need to watch your amounts, though, as peanut butter isn’t entirely carb-free. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contain around 6g carbohydrates. Shop Keto Products  Last Updated: 12th January 2021 Sources: 1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17332207 2 Is dietary fat burned before stored fat on a ketogenic diet? (virtahealth.com)
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