natural energy drinks

5 of the best natural energy drinks

04 Jun 2023

girl drinking natural energy drink

What our customers think:

Really like Virtue, & this is their best flavour yet! Makes me feel like I'm on holiday! Zero sugar and zero calories too so can only be good!


I bought this tropical virtue drink as i love their other products. This might be my favourite yet, it's SO tasty and has no sugar or calories!


What our customers think:

Wow, wow and WOW. I am not even the biggest matcha fan but this is perfect. Been looking for an all natural caffeine alternative and this is just what i need for the upcoming summer months. Can't wait to serve them up at my Easter BBQ's! What a great and refreshing option. 5 stars from me!


What our customers think:

very refreshing, not sickly sweet like other energy drinks and doesn't have any sweeteners. the best energy drink!


I bought one of these drinks last week after a friend recommended it to me, as someone who relies on coffee I was super curious about Tenzing as a potential alternative. I absolutely love everything about it and am now a religious drinker. The best kind of boost and I still can't get over that its completely natural!!


What our customers think:

I really enjoyed xite energy's first flavour and this one is just as nice! Has a nice raspberry watermelon refreshing taste and still a great pick me up like the first flavour they had!


I am not a huge energy fan being honest. I don't like they are rammed with sugar and usually all sorts of food nasties. However I stumbled on Xite Energy. I looked on line and seen some amazing reviews and I also noticed that it had no added nasties and ZERO sugar. Well I admit I am now I admit defeat and will be buying this all the time. Not only this lush water melon & raspberry taste but the actual pick me up I felt after drinking it. Well done Holland & Barrett for finding a master piece.


What our customers think:

Will be buying weekly easy to drink tastes great. Takes the hassle out of juicing turmeric root


Just started on turmeric capsules and the turmeric shots are great .