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woman taking iron tablets with glass of water

11 things you need to know about ferrous sulphate

pregnant woman with iron supplements
  To prevent anaemia To treat anaemia
Iron sulphate tablets Dose: one 200mg tablet Dose: one 200mg tablet
Iron sulphate drops Dose: 2.4ml - 4.8ml Dose: 4ml
  Frequency: once a day Frequency: once/twice a day


iron supplements in glass

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Donia Hilal

Donia Hilal,

Joined Holland & Barrett: Jan 2018

Bsc in Nutrition, Registered Associate Nutritionist and Certification in Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Donia started her career as a freelance nutritionist, later she joined Nestle as their Market Nutritionist to help support their healthier product range, before joining the team at Holland & Barrett in January 2018.

Donia has over 6 years experience as a Nutritionist and also works with clients on a one to one basis to support their goals which include weight loss, prenatal and postnatal nutrition and children’s health.

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