Author: Lina Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Parla, advocate for pregnancy loss support

Lina Chan

About Lina

Lina Chan is the CEO and co-founder of Parla.  Lina spent most of her career working as a private equity investor in the US and the UK. 

After experiencing multiple pregnancy losses, difficulty conceiving and preterm birth, Lina became acutely aware of the gaps in women’s health care. She founded Parla in 2018 with the mission to improve women’s access to expert support and health education. 

She quickly grew the company to over 15,000 users in 80+ countries before being acquired by Holland & Barrett, Europe’s largest health and wellness retailer, in early 2022. 

Parla's approach addresses both the physical as well as mental health needs of women who face reproductive health challenges. Lina is passionate about women’s health and entrepreneurship leading her to support a wave of new women in the space and she regularly mentors female founders. 

Lina is also a regular public speaker advocating for women’s health issues at various events like GIANT Health, VivaTek, HIMSS Health and Femtechnology Summit. Born in Brazil, Lina lives in London with her husband and 3 children.