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    Got this a few weeks ago and am absolutely loving it, I use it daily when doing workouts for a bit of an extra boost, it also helps give me the amino acids my body needs after a work out.

    I have been using this product for over a month and am so impressed with the taste as well as how it make me feel after a work out! I highly suggest using this with your current health plan. I even made healthy brownies and muffins with it to shake things up!

    Absolutely love this product, it tastes much better than other brands I have tried previously which makes using it a lot more easier as I usually give up if I don't like the taste. The price for the quantity is also brilliant.

    Pack in the protein and support your weight when you browse our brilliant protein powders from Optimum Nutrition! Designed to help you effectively build up muscle mass as you work out, you’ll find dozens of different types and flavours in our range from this world-famous sports nutrition brand below.

    Who are Optimum Nutrition?

    Optimum Nutrition are pretty much the gold standard when it comes sports nutrition. They’ve been making some of the best whey protein powders on the planet for over 30 years and are the go-to brand for so many people hoping to improve their muscle mass and/or strength.

    As well as containing all nine essential amino acids needed by the body to create strong and healthy muscles fibres, Optimum Nutrition protein powders can also:

    • Help with muscle recovery after exercise so you feel less achy
    • Aid in improving exercise performance
    • Taste great and come in a huge variety of flavours to suit your taste buds
    • Are easy to digest

    Depending on your overall work out goals, you’ll have your pick of a wide choice of Optimum Nutrition protein powders in varying strengths to suit your unique muscle-building needs.

    A big chunk of this globally recognised brand’s products are made of 100% whey powder, which is sourced from the by-products of dairy cheese and yoghurt. You’ll also spot some made from creatine (a substance found naturally in muscle cells), plus a few completely plant-based protein powders which are suitable for vegans.

    One of the best things about Optimum Nutrition protein has to be the sheer range of flavours! Turn your protein shake into a treat with options like Strawberry, Belgium Chocolate, Cookies & Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream.

    When to use Optimum Nutrition

    When you use your Optimum Nutrition protein powder is completely up to you, however most people will take it before or after they exercise.

    How to use Optimum Nutrition protein

    The best and easiest way to benefit from Optimum Nutrition protein is to mix it up into a shake. Usually, you’ll add one heaped scoop of your chosen powder into a glass or bottle, pour in 180ml-240ml of cold water and then stir until it’s completely dissolved.

    You could also get creative and add extra ingredients to your protein shake, from frozen berries through to nut butters. There’s also the option of adding a scoop of Optimum  Nutrition whey powder to your favourite homemade baked goods or getting a protein kick with some tasty Optimum Nutrition Protein Bars.

    Scroll through our current range of Optimum Nutrition protein powders and select one to suit your needs, from calorie-packed Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass protein for muscle gainthrough to the vegan-friendly Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Plant powder.

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