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If you’ve no prior experience with raspberry ketones, it’s best to start here. First of all, raspberry ketones – while sharing some similarities – are not the same as the keto tablets you’ve probably also heard of. Despite sharing a name, raspberry ketones also have little to do with ketosis and the keto diet.


Actually, raspberry ketones are natural substances found in raspberries and some other fruits like kiwi and blackberries. They’re what give raspberries their sweet smell and distinct flavour. You’ll also find them in cranberries.


Keto, on the other hand, is a type of diet, based on the theory that if you eat low-carbs and high-fat sources like nuts and avocados, your body will go into a state of ketosis, which is when your body turns to its fat stores for energy.


The science behind ketosis is that if your body is burning fat quicker, you’re more likely to lose weight. To make matters even more confusing, the body produces ketones as a by-product – these are also available as supplements.


To speed up ketosis, some people take keto weight loss pills and keto tablets, because they believe it will bring about the benefits of a keto diet without having to restrict carbs like bread and pasta, which are two sources of energy.


Raspberry ketones are different. But while they have little to do with ketosis.

So raspberry ketones are made purely from raspberries? Actually, that’s not entirely true. The fact is raspberries contain quantities of raspberry ketones, but you’d need loads for a pack of food supplements, which would make them so expensive we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.


Instead, raspberry ketone supplements are often manufactured to ensure they deliver the same active compound.

It’s because raspberry ketones are similar in structure to capsaicin (found in chilli peppers) and synephrine.

Similar to the advice given around how to take keto tablets, it’s best to check each product and assume that not everything in our range is interchangeable – that includes taking raspberry ketones tablets alongside ketones drinks.


We stock a wide range of quality brands, including Holland & Barrett capsules with further vitamins and nutrients like fibre. You’ll also find reputable names like Health Spark and Forza, who you can trust with your goals.