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Spotlight on vitamins and minerals

Make sure you’re not missing out on important nutrients if you’re following a restricted diet.

Trending: spicy slaw

Find out about this healthy side dish and how to make your own version.

Spotlight on grains

Wheat tends to get a bad press, but are all grains equal? Find out what health benefits they can bring, and how to incorporate them into a gluten-free diet.

Trending: sparkling kombucha

Get the buzz on the latest fermented health drink – and how you can make your own at home.

Spotlight on: Free-from beauty products

Did you know that many cosmetic products contain common food allergens such as gluten, dairy and nuts? Here’s the lowdown for people with allergies.

Trending: Vegan ‘bone’ broth

Find out what it is, why it’s good for you, and how to make your own.

Stress and allergies – the hidden link

We shine a spotlight on the latest research and provide tips for calming your mind and nourishing your body to counter the harmful allergy-anxiety cycle.

Trending: Coconut kefir

Moving on from coconut water, coconut kefir is the latest health drink everyone’s talking about. Find out why, and how to make your own.

Spotlight on mushrooms

From button to shiitake, mushrooms are nutritious and versatile. Here’s the lowdown on how to make the most of your favourite fungi.

Trending: kitchari

Gluten-free and easy to make vegan, kitchari is nourishing and packed with protein. Try our 3 recipes for a delicious, warming dinner.

Allergen testing: what to expect

Food allergies and intolerances can wreak havoc on your health. Here are three of the best ways to find out which foods your body struggles with.

How to manage your children’s food allergies

Overcome the challenges of looking after a child with a food allergy.

Is leaky gut linked to
your allergies?

Discover the definition of leaky gut and find out whether it’s implicated in your allergies.

Your guide to the best
and worst sugars

Discover information and advice on the healthiest sugars to include in your diet.

How to read a food label

In December 2014, a new EU law came into force requiring clearer labelling of food allergens. We explain.

The best gluten-free
sources of fibre

Most people in the UK do not eat enough fibre. Here we shine a spotlight on five of the best gluten-free foods.

The best veggie sources of protein

Discover information and advice on getting adequate protein in a vegetarian diet.

The most surprising products that contain common allergens

Allergens can be hiding in surprising places. Find out where they are so you can avoid exposing yourself, or your children, to the offending substances.

Gluten-Free On The Go

Following a gluten-free diet might be easy at home, but what happens when you’re away, or flat out at work? You might be between meetings, on holiday or shuttling your children around.

Best Dairy-Free Bone Boosters

We’ve been told that we need to drink milk to have strong bones, but for thousands of years the Chinese and Japanese have survived and thrived on a dairy-free diet.

Top tips to live without… gluten

If you or a family member has gluten intolerance or has been diagnosed with coeliac disease, you’ll need to avoid or eliminate gluten from your diet. Here we show you how to live without gluten.

Top tips to live without… eggs

Half of children who have an egg allergy grow out of it but, for children or adults, being unable to eat egg can be difficult. If you follow our top tips, however, you can avoid your allergy becoming an issue.

Top tips to live without… dairy

If you’ve discovered that you, or a family member, have a dairy allergy or intolerance, or you want to cut out dairy products for other reasons, you can overhaul your diet. It might seem daunting but here are our top tips for living without dairy.

Top tips to live without… nuts

An allergy to peanuts or tree nuts is the most common type of food allergy. Since eating or inhaling even a tiny amount can cause a serious reaction, you’ll need to avoid all obvious and not-so-obvious sources. Here are our top tips to help you live nut-free.

Top tips to live without… wheat

Wheat allergy affects less than 1 per cent of the UK population but can be fatal. Follow this simple advice, and your wheat-free diet will be varied, nutritious – and manageable.

What is gluten intolerance?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. If you have symptoms, such as tummy problems, after eating foods that contain it, could you benefit from going gluten free?

What is coeliac disease?

Coeliac disease affects about one in 100 people in the UK and is a serious autoimmune disease. Yet nearly half a million people have undiagnosed coeliac disease – could you be one of them?

Top tips to live without… meat

Whether your diet is meat-free because of religious, ethical or health reasons, you might need some help achieving a healthy, balanced diet. Try our top tips to live successfully and deliciously – without meat.

What is a dairy allergy?

An allergy to cows’ milk is the most common food allergy amongst babies and young children, though people usually outgrow it. If you suffer after eating dairy products, what could be the cause?

What is an allergy?

One in four people in the UK are affected by allergies – and each year this number is rising – with as many as half being children. But what actually is an allergy?