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Flaxseed & Linseed

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Flaxseed is also known as common flax or linseed. It is a flowering plant and one of the oldest cultivated crops.

While flaxseed has been around since 3000 BC, it is still relatively unknown as a food staple.

But with a wealth of health benefits, flaxseed is quickly gaining in popularity and making its way into a range of healthy, balanced diets.

Flax seeds benefits for hair

Flaxseed contains vitamin E, which helps to improve and maintain skin and hair.

Vitamin E removes free radical damage from the scalp, giving hair a healthy base to grow from.

It can also help improve scalp circulation, encouraging hair growth.

Not only that, but vitamin E locks in moisture by creating a protective barrier over the scalp’s surface. This can help moisturise the scalp and prevent dry skin.

If you are suffering from an itchy scalp or have trouble keeping it healthy, try adding flaxseed as part of your healthy, balanced diet to see if it improves the hair and skin’s conditions.

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    Flaxseed comes from the flowering flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). It was first grown in Egypt, but today, it is found all over the world. Flaxseed is available in brown or yellow, with the latter being known as golden linseeds.


    Holland & Barrett Golden Linseed is one such yellow variety that is a source of protein and high in fibre. Or if you would prefer to go organic, we’ve got that covered with our Organic Golden Linseed. Both are equally as nutritious and have a nutty, slightly earthy taste that you are sure to love.

    You can find flaxseed in a range of pre-made foods, including crackers and oatmeal. Many people add a teaspoon of flaxseed to their cereal for a healthy start to their day. Flaxseed can also be spooned into mayonnaise, yoghurts, cookie dough and other baking mixes to add a nutritional boost to your favourite everyday foods.


    Adding Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal to your smoothies and cereals adds a deliciously nutty flavour. You can also sprinkle it on salads or use it as a substitute for breadcrumbs! The Bob’s range also includes its Golden Flaxseed Meal and Organic Golden Flaxseed.

    Because of the many benefits of flaxseed, it is known as a ‘superfood.’ Flax seeds are packed with nutrients. A standard 7g tablespoon serving contains excellent amounts of protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. 


    Holland & Barrett Milled Flax Seeds has over 2g of fibre per tablespoon. Fibre helps maintain and support normal digestive. That is why it is such an important addition to any diet. 


    Linwoods Milled Flaxseed Biocultures and Vitamin D is a rich source of vitamin D and omega-3. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, maintaining normal bones and teeth. Adding flaxseed to your diet in the winter months can supplements your body’s vitamin D levels when there is a lack of sunshine.


    Flax seeds are also richer in lignans than any other food. Lignans are chemical compounds found in plants, seeds, vegetables and whole grains. 

    The good news is flaxseed is naturally gluten free, making it a healthy addition to a free-from diet. However, always check the label before purchasing in case of cross-contamination.


    Our gluten free flaxseed range means there are plenty of varieties for you to enjoy. This includes Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseed. Not only is it high in Omega-3, but it is a great source of fibre and protein.


    Linwoods Milled Flaxseed and Goji Berries is another gluten free favourite, as it comes with the fruity deliciousness of goji berries. It also contains the antioxidant zinc, which helps protect against the effects of oxidative stress.

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