food that loves you back
food that loves you back


Keeping your nails clean, tidy and neat might seem straight-forward, but they still require as much care as any other part of your body.


We are all aware of the traditional products that have been used over the years to help in this task, and just one sniff of a nail polish will tell you how many chemicals are in it!


So if you are looking to swap to more natural nail care products, then you will be pleased to learn that there are now some terrific options available, whether you care about the planet, animals or simply leading a more natural lifestyle.


Is there such a thing as a natural nail polish?

What is your favourite nail colour? Do you prefer a ravishing red, bold blue or natural nude?


Whatever your preference, it is important to remember that many nail polishes inevitably contain a great number of chemical ingredients, solvents and animal products.


These products are now evolving, and natural nail polish is not only on the market but providing a credible alternative.


These polishes started to be branded as ‘three-free’ which means that they avoid the three most toxic ingredients of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.


This has now moved further, and products such as the Pacifica Nail Polish can boast that they are seven-free as they also do not contain parabens, xylene, camphor, resin and animal products.


Vegan nail polish such as this and the Benecos Nail Polish ( still offer beautiful colour and longevity as well hydrated, cared for nails.


What other natural nail products are there?

You can get a greater understanding of ‘How to strengthen nails and keep them healthy’ but you will also need the right products to achieve this.


It can start with a process as simple as keeping them clean, by removing dirt, grime and debris from beneath them with a Holland & Barratt Nail Brush.


This not only helps nails to look cleaner, it also softens the cuticles and stimulates the nail bed for nail growth.

Adding a nail brush into your usual handwashing routine is an easy change to benefit your nails and prevent you transferring bacteria and viruses.


Nail strengthening solutions

If you are struggling to get your nails looking long and beautiful, it could be because you are suffering a number of breakages.


This is a sign that you need to help to strengthen your nails in order to make them grow healthily and become more resilient to everyday life.


The Dr Organic Tea Tree Nail Solution is an antibacterial, restoring and protecting nail solution which is made from a blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients.


It has multiple uses as it does not just restore and regenerate the nail, it also eliminates fungal growth and strengthens and conditions the nail. It’s also suitable for vegans.


Manicure at home

If you cannot make it to the salon and you are missing your manicure, then bring the nail pampering to your own home.


The Beauty Kitchen SHP+ 60 Second Manicure () is the secret to instantly younger looking hands.


This gorgeous glass jar contains a super advanced hand scrub made from collagen-boosting marine microalgae and Himalayan salt to improve skin tone and texture and revitalise nails.


The best bit is that this whole luxurious process will take just one minute out of your day.


Vegan friendly, not only is the packaging sustainable, you can also wash your glass jar and return it to Holland & Barratt for 100 Reward For Life Points.


If you choose to keep your nails looking natural, you will want them to remain pink, clear and healthy looking.


If they are suffering from some form of discolouration then the Nail Clear Finger & Toe Nail Liquid could be the solution.


This helps to condition, revitalise and improve the colour of finger and toenails with the help of tea tree oil and undecylenic acid.


This antibacterial solution dries quickly and starts improving the look and feel of nails from the first application with no unpleasant lingering odour.


Keeping your nails in good order is not just about vanity, it is also about the health of your nails.


Giving them a little regular attention with the right products helps to prevent chips and breakages, and deals with discolouration, fungal growth and cleanliness all in a natural and vegan way.    

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