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A wooden spoon holding small sweetener tablets

Are sweeteners good or bad for you?

23 Nov 2022 • 0 min read

Are sweeteners a good or bad idea when you want to cut down your sugar intake? When you want to reduce the amount of sugar you eat, sweeteners are the obvious solution. But are they good or bad for you? The answer is; it depends. Let’s take a look at the facts. Why would you use sweeteners instead of sugar? Sugar is high in carbohydrates and calories, making it a bad choice if weight loss is your goal. Just one teaspoon of sugar contains around 20 calories and 5g carbohydrates. Sugar calories soon add up. By replacing some or all the sugar in your diet with sweeteners, you cut a lot of the calories. Sweeteners can be granulated like table sugar, a liquid or in powdered form. They can also be an ingredient in pre-made products like drinks and sweet treats.  Why do people worry about sweeteners? The main concern people have about sweeteners is the fact that they are artificial. Some people worry that the chemical nature of sweeteners can lead to all sorts of health issues. But there is no evidence to back this up. These days there are many different sweeteners, including all-natural forms (like Stevia).   The benefits of artificial sweeteners over sugar Sweeteners add sweetness to your recipes, meals, and drinks without the calories of sugar. If you are focusing on calories and carbohydrates, sweeteners can be a useful tool in your diet. Can sweeteners be bad for you? Some people find that sweeteners can upset their stomachs and lead to bloating or gas. There’s no published research to prove any serious health risks associated with using sweeteners. If you are worried about anecdotal evidence, remember that the devil is in the dose. Use small, sensible amounts of sweeteners. And don’t go overboard with them just because they are low-calorie. Shop our Food & Drink range.
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