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Ethique (French for the word ‘ethical’) is an ethical beauty brand that produce natural beauty bars that are free of plastic, cruelty-free and are entirely plant-based – with all bars suitable for vegans.

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    Ethique is an ethical beauty brand founded by Brianne West in New Zealand. Using her scientific background after studying for a Bachelor of Science degree – Brianne utilised this knowledge to create one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world.

    Ethique’s waste free beauty range use biodegradable ingredients as well as compostable packaging – meaning once you have used your Ethique bar, you can dispose of the packaging in your compost bin. With no jar or bottle in sight, Ethique products leave no trace whatsoever.

    Yes all products are suitable for vegans - Ethique only use plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, essential oils and cocoa butter.

    No products are tested on animals - Ethique strongly believe that their products should not harm the planet or animals. Three independent bodies, CCF, PETA and SAFE, have all certified Ethique as a cruelty free producer of natural beauty bars.