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    Fuel your day with healthier breakfast cereals!

    Known as ‘most important meal of the day’, kickstarting your day with a healthy breakfast, is key to maintaining a balanced diet.

    A regular, nutritious breakfast provides your body with energy and essential nutrients, boosts your concentration, and leaves you feeling fuller, minimising your need to snack later in the day. 

    Most of us look for quick, convenient options to eat in the morning, whether on our way to work or before a morning workout. Breakfast cereals are many people’s go-to but finding healthy cereal options can be challenging. 

    What is in cereal?

    Breakfast cereals include whole grains like wheat, bran and oats or refined grains like rice and maise. Some cereals can contain added sugar, artificial flavours, and colourings, which you may wish to avoid for a healthy diet. 

    On the other hand, healthy breakfast cereals generally contain more natural ingredients like fruit, nuts and seeds for a healthier alternative that doesn't compromise on flavour. Our healthy breakfast cereals include muesli, granola, oats, porridge, cereal bars, and breakfast sprinkles. So, we have your needs covered if you're looking for a healthy bowl of cereal in the morning or want a healthy cereal bar to throw in your bag.

    The best healthy breakfast cereals

    The Holland & Barrett Organic Gluten Free Oats are perfect for your breakfast. With nothing added, these pure oats are great for making overnight oats, porridge or for use on their own for a gluten-free breakfast. An ideal time-saving option, check out our overnight oats recipes for more ideas on how to make this delicious breakfast. 

    The Holland & Barrett Granola Base is an excellent choice for a bowl of classic, crunchy breakfast cereal. Gluten-free and a great source of fibre, these crunchy oat clusters can be mixed with fruits, nuts, or seeds for a nutritious breakfast. 

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