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    If you love baking but are looking for plant-based ingredients to create delicious vegan bakes, we have you covered. 

    Our range of high-quality vegan home baking ingredients makes it easy for you to fill your home with the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked goods.

    Enjoying your favourite cakes, biscuits and sweet treats as a vegan has never been so easy. Whether you are new to a vegan diet, have been eating plant-based for years, or are looking to bake for someone with egg or dairy intolerances, you can find plenty here to help you with your vegan cooking.

    Essential vegan baking ingredients

    Whether you are baking vegan chocolate cakes, vegan biscuits or vegan cupcakes, there are some ingredients that you will need in your cupboards. 

    These store cupboard staples can include products like molasses. Molasses is great for including in your vegan home bakes, particularly when baking pies or gingerbread. Also known as black treacle, molasses is made from raw sugar cane and is an excellent natural sweetener.

    The best vegan cake ingredients

    Baking your favourite vegan cake is easy when you have the right ingredients.

    From vegan chocolate drops for your favourite vegan chocolate cake recipe, to organic cocoa powder for your vegan chocolate brownies and coconut oil, which you can use in pretty much any bake!

    Baking kits

    If you have not got time to bake a cake from scratch, we have vegan baking kits or baking mixes that make a great alternative.

    These pre-prepared kits make it easier and quicker to bake some delicious treats and save on the need to find all the ingredients.

    Lazy Day Foods Gingerbread Kit goes one step further. The gingerbread is pre-made for you; all you need to do is decorate it. Fun for the whole family, this gingerbread decorating kit is a great rainy-day activity – with a sweet reward for all your hard work! The kit is gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and contains a range of delicious decorations, including chocolate buttons, marshmallows, and icing.

    Vegan baking recipes

    If you love baking, why not try one of our vegan cake recipes? 

    From a delicious vegan Victoria sponge cake to protein pancakes and chocolate chip cookies, we have all the inspiration for your next vegan bake on the Health Hub.

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