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XLS-Medical works with you


One of the most popular slimming tablet brands in the UK, XLS-Medical can help you get to your goal weight with their innovative range of weight loss products and advice.


XLS-Medical works with your body to help you get to your goal weight, while being gentle on your system. See how their fat binders), weight loss shakesappetite reducers and other products can promote effective, faster weight loss for you.


How to lose weight


The best ways to lose weight are always going to be exercising regularly, eating healthily and ensuring you consume less calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight. But sometimes we need a little extra help, which is where XLS Medical can step in.


Who are XLS-Medical?


A brand you can trust


XLS-Medical has helped thousands of people to meet their full weight-loss potential. Most of their products are certified as Medical Devices Class IIb and the whole range has had to pass rigorous safety tests in order to meet international standards.


They have invented a selection of thoughtful weight loss solutions that help the body to metabolise differently and help you to lose weight.


What is XLS-Medical Max Strength?


The most effective XLS-Medical product yet, this slimming aid can help you lose weight. Of course, it is essential that a healthy diet and exercise regime is followed alongside taking this medical device. XLS-Medical Max strength just makes it even more effective.


It contains the active ingredient Clavitanol™ - a patented plant-based and organic complex which decreases the breaking down and absorption of the carbohydrates, fats and sugars that you eat. As less of these foods get metabolised by your body, less calories enter your system and your potential to lose weight increases.


Clavitanol™ also prevents certain digestive enzymes like lipase, glucosidase and alpha amylase from working properly. With this decreased enzyme functioning, some carbohydrates, sugars and fats that you eat remain too large to be absorbed in the intestine and are left undigested. They are simply passed through your system naturally.


What other weight-loss aids have XLS-Medical created?


XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder: made with Litramine™, a tried and tested fat binder, this weight-loss supplement binds some of the fat that you eat and make them indigestible.


It does this by binding dietary fat molecules to a fibre complex which makes it too large to be absorbed in the intestine. Then, to supplement the vitamins lost in this process, fat-soluble vitamins are released into the body.


XLS-Medical Appetite Reducer and XLS-Medical Hunger Buddy : over-eating is one of the most common ways people become overweight, and it can be very hard to curb the habit. We all know food is often irresistible, and it is difficult to turn down high-calorie convenience food like snacks and fast food when the hunger hits. That’s why XLS-Medical invented these appetite reducers.


They contain Redusure®, a mixture of different dietary fibres that help to suppress your appetite. These fibres can expand up to 200x their original size to make a thick gel that fills 30-43% of your stomach, keeping you feeling nice and full until they leave your system naturally.


XLS-Nutrition Diet Meal Replacement Shakes : A meal replacement shake with a difference, XLS-nutrition supplies you with all the nutrition of a full meal, containing all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs.


It makes you feel full, just like after you’ve eaten a regular meal, but it actually helps to create a calorie deficit in your body, which is essential for losing weight. This fat loss product also contains high-quality protein that supports muscle mass.


Should you exercise whilst using XLS-Medical products?


As these products already help you achieve weight loss, it becomes less important to try and create one through exercise. However, exercise is good for your heart, brain and shape and is still a good thing to do. XLS-Medical recommends that everybody should partake in moderate. physical activity every day to stay healthy.


Why is XLS-Medical classed as a Medical Device and not a Medicine?


The main difference between a medical device and a medicine is that they work mechanically, not pharmacologically – meaning that it works alongside or with the body rather than directly effecting the human cell chemistry.


Please Note: there are certain risks that come with taking XLS Medical products. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a reduced BMI, elderly or take medications, it may not be suitable for you to take XLS products. Pease read the label and leaflet of every product before using as it may not be suitable for you and your lifestyle.

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